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Explanation of Types

Type Description Examples
Flush Bracket These are rectangular metal plates affixed to triangulation pillars, walls, buildings etc. If they are not affixed to a triangulation pillar they are often referred to as Non-Pillar Flush Brackets (NPFB). They are about 6" x 3" in size and the location of most of them is known through Ordnance Survey (OS) records. Each Flush Bracket (FB) has a unique serial number which makes them highly 'collectable' and there are several numbering types.  
  One to four figure number
The earliest FBs you can find and date from 1912-1921. Numbered from 1-3000. A few can be found on triangulation pillars.
Introduced in the 1920s these are found on pillars and as NPFBs. There are two sub-types, S below the number and S left of the number.
First appeared in 1936. Unlike S-series brackets numbers below 1000 do not have leading zeroes. Used extensively in Scotland and never found on triangulation pillars.
Just sixteen brackets used in London in the early 1930s.
  Five figure number
These are effectively S-series brackets above S9999 where they ran out of room for the S (S-below was discontinued as the S interfered with the measuring equipment).
Projecting Bracket An early type of metal bracket used for a short time before the introduction of flush brackets. They are all the same and have no unique attributes. Reading, Greyfriar's Church
OSBM Bolt Used alongside the G-series of flush brackets these are placed where there wasn't a convenient building or wall to provide a vertical surface on which to affix a flush bracket. They are domed metal bolts about 1" (50-60mm) in diameter fixed to horizontal surfaces engraved with OSBM and the benchmark symbol. Caban Coch Dam
Cut Bench Mark By far the most common type. Used and made from the 1800s to around 20 years ago. You won't have to walk (or drive) very far in any village, town or city in Britain before you spot one of these. Chiseled into stone, brick or wood on all sorts of vertical structures. A familiar horizontal levelling line with a three line arrow pointing towards it (usually upwards). Each one is unique depending on the mason who cut it, some are plain, some decorated. Some roughly cut, some exquisitely cut with high accuracy. Some small, some huge. Wallingford, 60 High Street
Cut Bench Mark with Bolt Old and rare these have a metal bolt screwed either alongside the horizontal cut of a cut bench mark or at the point of the cut arrowhead. Usually has what appears as a screwhead horizontal in the head of the bolt. These are highly prized by benchmarkers. Dorchester Abbey
Rivet Usually found on horizontal surfaces these are cut marks with a small metal domed brass rivet at the apex of the cut arrowhead marks. Swyncombe, Icknield Field
Pivot Fairly rare these are used on horizontal surfaces such as soft sandstone, where the insertion of a rivet would break away the stone. They consist of a small hole or depression cut to take a pivot, a steel ball bearing of 5/8" diameter (16mm). In use, the pivot is placed in the depression and the levelling staff held on top of the pivot. Sutton Bridge
Fundamental Bench Mark These are the key to the whole levelling of the UK. Granite blocks with large domed metal caps. Just like an iceberg this is just the tip of a fairly extensive underground structure. Highly accurate height stations still used today as the baseline to levelling. Conwy
Triangulation Pillar Familiar to anyone who walks in the British countryside, these can often (but not always) be found at hilltops. Most have a flush bracket affixed to one side. Huntingland


December 2016
South Moreton, Sands Road Railway Bridge
Loughborough, The Schofield Centre
Loughborough, 57 Frederick Street
Loughborough, Charnwood Museum
Loughborough, Drill Hall
Loughborough, Baptist Church
Loughborough, 16 Cradock Street
Loughborough, 24 Nottingham Road
Loughborough, 30 Meadow Lane
Loughborough, 16 Barrack Row
Loughborough, 21 Duke Street
Loughborough, 77 Meadow Lane
Loughborough, 44 Rendell Street
Loughborough, Rendell Primary School
Loughborough, 87 Lower Cambridge Street
Loughborough, 25 Gladstone Avenue
Loughborough, 69 Gladstone Street
Loughborough, 41 Gladstone Street
Loughborough, Tatmarsh
Loughborough, Toothill Road
Loughborough, All Saints Church
Loughborough, Biggin Street
Culham, Waggon and Horses (NW)
Culham, Waggon and Horses (SW)
Longworth, Old Methodist Chapel
Longworth, St Mary's Church
Longworth, Church Lane
Duxford, Duxford Cottage
Hinton Waldrist, St Margaret's Church
Hinton Waldrist, 4 The Row
Southmoor, Faringdon Road
Southmoor, Lamb and Flag
33 - Southmoor, Waggon and Horses
Lower Bourton, Railway Bridge
Bourton, Pinewood School
Milton, 104 High Street
Milton, Coopers Corner
November 2016
A338, Milestone Wantage 2
October 2016
Birmingham, 125 Digbeth
Birmingham, St Martins Circus
Birmingham, 1 Oxford Street
Birmingham, 54 Bradford Street
Birmingham, Green Street
Birmingham, Brass Foundry, Bradford Street
Birmingham, 221 Cheapside
Birmingham, 174 Charles Henry Street
Birmingham, 61 Moseley Street
Birmingham, St Anne's Hostel
Birmingham, Paragon Hotel
Birmingham, 196 Alcester Street
Birmingham, Catholic Church of St Anne
Birmingham, 236 Bradford Road
Birmingham, Bradford Court
Birmingham, Adam & Eve
Small Heath, 25 Coventry Road
Birmingham, 104 Liverpool Street
Birmingham, Upper Trinity Street
Birmingham, The Rainbow
Birmingham, Lower Trinity Street
Birmingham, Heath Mill Lane
Birmingham, The Old Bank, Gibb Street
Birmingham, Big Bulls Head
Birmingham, Allison Street
Birmingham, St Martin's Church
Loughborough University, Faraday AA
Loughborough University, Faraday D
Loughborough University, Royce 2
Loughborough University, Cayley/Rutherford Dining Hall
Loughborough University, Paula Radcliffe Athletics Pavilion
Loughborough University, Hazlerigg
Loughborough University, Herbert Schofield Building
Loughborough University, Stewart Mason Building
Mountsorrel, Wood Lane Bridge
Portsmouth, Gunwharf Road
Abingdon, Albert Memorial
Tubney, St Lawrence's Church
Kingston Bagpuize, St John the Baptist Church
32 - Kingston Bagpuize, St John the Baptist Church
Abingdon, 44A Spring Road
September 2016
South Moreton, St John the Baptist's Church
Rotherhithe, St George's Wharf
August 2016
Crofton, Autobiography Overbridge
G3942 - Wilton, Swan Inn
Winchcombe, 88 North Street
Winchcombe, Youth Centre
Winchcombe, 61 Hailes Street
Winchcombe, Harvey's Lane
Winchcombe, Corner Cupboard Inn
S1457 - Winchcombe, The Old School Building
Winchcombe, St Peter's Church
Winchcombe, Briar Cottage, Castle Street
S1458 - Winchcombe, Castle Street
Winchcombe, Juri's, High Street
Hailes Church
Guildford, University of Surrey, Union House
Guildford, University of Surrey, Wates House
Guildford, University of Surrey, Block AD
Guildford, University of Surrey, Library
Guildford, University of Surrey, Block AY
Guildford, University of Surrey, Senate House
Alnwick, Alnwick Castle
Alnwick, The Alnwick Garden (W)
Alnwick, The Alnwick Garden (E)
Alnwick, Denwick Lane
Bradford, Warren Burn Bridge
Swinhoe, The Smithy
12103 - Tuggal Hall
High Newton-by-the-Sea, Newtonbarns
Low Newton-by-the-Sea, Newbiggin
Low Newton-by-the-Sea, The Ship Inn
Low Newton-by-the-Sea, The Rocket House
Low Newton-by-the-Sea, Quarry Wall
S6489 - Winshields
Winshields, Winshield Crags #5
Winshields, Winshield Crags #4
Winshields, Winshield Crags #3
Winshields, Winshield Crags #2
Winshields, Winshield Crags #1
Wooler, St Ninian's RC Church
Wooler, 54 High Street
Ingram, Ingram House
Prendwick, Prendwick Farm
Alwinton, Roadside Stone
Alwinton, Bridge End Cottage
Blindburn, Blindburn Farm
11264 - Thropton, Three Wheat Heads
Denwick Lane End
Hepburn Moor, Harehope Burn
S3697 - Ross Castle
Hepburn, Roadside Rock
Hepburn, Roadside Rock
Hepburn, Roadside Wall
Hepburn, Roadside Wall
Hepburn, Roadside Wall
Hepburn, Hepburn Bastle
July 2016
Craster, Roadside Wall
Howick, Roadside Wall
Howick, Wall at Road Junction
Howick, Howick Hall Bridge
Howick, Howick Hall Lodge
S3569 - Hips Heugh
Craster, Howick Scar
Craster, Howick Scar Farm
Craster, Fox Covert Plantation
Warkworth, Masons Arms
Warkworth, 47 Castle Street
Warkworth, Warkworth Old Bridge
S9305 - Warkworth, St Lawrence's Church
12104 - Embleton, Vincent Edwards School
Dunstan, Craster Tower
Alnmouth, Marden House
Foxton, Foxton Hall Cottages
Foxton, Foxton Hall
Foxton, Opposite Foxton Drive
Alnmouth, Cemetery Wall
Alnmouth, Concrete Wall
S3689 - Night Fold Field
Alnmouth, The Old School House
Alnmouth, The Duchess' Bridge
Alnmouth, The Wynd
Alnmouth, St John the Baptist Church
Alnmouth, 9 Marine Road
Alnmouth, Lifeboat House
Seahouses, The Olde Ship Hotel
Seahouses, Neptune Fish Restaurant
Beal, Lindisfarne Causeway, Bridge
Beal, Lindisfarne Causeway, Refuge
Beal, Lindisfarne Causeway, South Low
Holy Island, Chare Ends
Holy Island, Straight Lonnen
Holy Island, St Coombs Farm
Holy Island, Lilburn's Cottage
Holy Island, Crooked Loaning
Holy Island, St Oswald's House
Holy Island, St Mary's Church
Holy Island, Northview House
Holy Island, Cambridge House
Beal, Holy Island Road
Beal, Lindisfarne Causeway Car Park
Embleton, Blue Bell Inn
Embleton, Dunstanburgh Castle Golf Course
Beadnell, Beadnell Links
Beadnell, Benthall Farm
Alnwick, Police Station
Alnwick, White Swan Hotel
Alnwick, Town Hall
Alnwick, The Duke's Middle School
Alnwick, Loan End
Alnwick, 19 Upper Howick Street
Alnwick, 1 Lisburn Street
Alnwick, St Paul's Church
Alnwick, 25 Clayport Street
Alnwick, 5 Dispensary Street
Alnwick, St Andrew's Hall
Alnwick, Barndale House, Howling Lane
Alnwick, 2 Bailiffgate
Alnwick, Lion Bridge
Alnwick, The Peth Stables
Alnwick, 22 Walkergate
Alnwick, 5 Canongate
Alnwick, 17 Canongate
Alnwick, 10 Canongate
Alnwick, St Michael's Church
Alnwick, Northumberland Street
Alnwick, Pottergate Tower
Alnwick, 11 Narrowgate
Alnwick, Market Street Tank
1979 - Alnwick, Town Hall
Alnwick, Market Hall
Alnwick, Walker House, Hotspur Street
Alnwick, 1 Bondgate Without
Alnwick, Alngarth, Prudhoe Street
Embleton, Dunstanstead Links
Embleton, Dunstan Stead Farm
Rock, 9 Rock Village
Dunstan, Proctors Stead
Dunstan, Whisker Well Junction
Craster, Roadside Wall
Craster, 8 West End
Craster, 22 Heugh Wynd
Over Norton, NW of Choicehill Farm
June 2016
Kidderminster, 1 Comberton Road
Kidderminster, Comberton Road Railway Bridge
Bridgnorth, New Road Footbridge
Bridgnorth, Castle Hill Walk Wall
Black Country Living Museum, Pawnbroker's Shop
Black Country Living Museum, Canal Street Bridge
Black Country Living Museum, Woodsetton Toll House
Dudley, Hide, Skin & Fat Works
Kidderminster, The Sling
Kidderminster, 1 Vicar Street
Kidderminster, 1-3 Exchange Street
Kidderminster, Brintons Carpet Factory
Kidderminster, The Piano Building
Kidderminster, Gas Works Basin
Kidderminster, St Mary and All Saints' Church
Kidderminster, Clensmore Mills
Kidderminster, Stourvale Works (SW)
Kidderminster, Stourvale Works (NE)
Kidderminster, Staffs & Worcs Canal
Wolverley, Wolverley Court Lock
Wolverley, Wolverley Bridge
May 2016
East Hendred, St Augustine's Church
Kingston, Milestone, Wareham 7
Oxford, University Parks North Lodge
Okehampton, Heathfield House
Okehampton, Tors Road
Okehampton, Tors Road BS
Okehampton, Station Road Fountain
Okehampton, St Boniface Church
Okehampton, Parklands Road
Okehampton, Railway Station
Plymouth, 94 North Road East
Plymouth, 28 Winston Avenue
Plymouth, S & T Depot
Plymouth, Opposite 23 Central Park Avenue
Plymouth, 7 Russell Place
Plymouth, Pennycomequick
Plymouth, Pennycomequick Viaduct
Plymouth, St Barnabas Church
Plymouth, 62/63 Wilton Street
Plymouth, 42 Hotham Place
Plymouth, 105/106 Wilton Street
Plymouth, 84 Hotham Place
Plymouth, 17 Palmerston Street
Plymouth, Railway Bridge Wingfield Way
Plymouth, Opposite 193 Stuart Road
Plymouth, Railway Bridge De La Hay Avenue
Plymouth, De La Hay Avenue
Plymouth, 35 Amherst Road
Plymouth, 1 Lower Knolly's Terrace
Plymouth, Railway Bridge A386
Loughton, Milestone, London 48
Loughton, Olde Bell Lane
Loughton, Old Mile Stone
Shenley Church End, Shenley Road Flyover
Shenley Church End, St Mary's Church
1956 - Shenley Church End
April 2016
Loughborough, 136 Derby Road
Loughborough, 26 Knightthorpe Road
Loughborough, Derby Road Works
Uffington, 10 Faringdon Road
Uffington, 24 Faringdon Road
Uffington, Brookfield, Fawler Road
Uffington, Tom Brown's School Museum
Aston, Elm Bank Ditch
March 2016
Bexhill-on-Sea, Glyne Gap
Bexhill-on-Sea, Galley Hill
Bexhill-on-Sea, Upper Sea Road
Bexhill-on-Sea, 24 High Street
Bexhill-on-Sea, St Peter's Church
Bexhill-on-Sea, 2A Church Street
Bexhill-on-Sea, Buckhurst Road
Bexhill-on-Sea, The Chintings, Upper Sea Road
Bexhill-on-Sea, Railway Station
Bexhill-on-Sea, St Barnabas' Church
Bexhill-on-Sea, Channel View
Bexhill-on-Sea, De La Warr Parade (5)
Bexhill-on-Sea, De La Warr Parade (4)
Bexhill-on-Sea, De La Warr Parade (3)
Bexhill-on-Sea, De La Warr Parade (2)
Bexhill-on-Sea, De La Warr Parade (1)
2775 - Cooden, Railway Bridge
S1834 - Beachy Head
Eastbourne, Marine Parade
Eastbourne, Grand Parade Steps
Battle, Caldbec Hill
Battle, Caldbec House
S5293 - Battle Hill
Battle, The Old Court House
Battle, The George Hotel
Battle, Baptist Church
Battle, St Mary's Church
Battle, Battle Abbey
Goring-by-Sea, 177 Goring Road
Goring-by-Sea, 203 Goring Road
Goring-by-Sea, Goring Library
Goring-by-Sea, St Mary's Church
Ferring, Ilex Way
Ferring, Ferring Rife
Goring-by-Sea, Marine Crescent
Lewes, Southover Road Railway Bridge
Lewes, Castle Gate
Lewes, 173 High Street
Lewes, Law Courts
Lewes, Market Tower
Lewes, 20 Lansdown Place
Lewes, Station Road
Pevensey Bay, Richmond Road
Pevensey Bay, 116/118 Eastbourne Road
Oxford, 275 Abingdon Road
Oxford, 251 Abingdon Road
Oxford, Abingdon Road Letterbox
Oxford, 1A Lake Street
Oxford, Eastwyke Bridge
Oxford, 83 Abingdon Road
Oxford, The White House
Oxford, Abingdon Road, 2 Western Road
Oxford, 1 Folly Bridge
Oxford, Merton Grove
February 2016
Witney, Cogges Manor
Lambeth, Station Approach Road
Lambeth, York Road Viaduct
Lambeth, Belvedere Road Viaduct
Lambeth, London County Hall Hotel
Lambeth, London Eye
Lambeth, River Thames Parapet
Westminster, Westminster Bridge
Lambeth, Westminster Bridge
Bletchley Park, G Block
Bletchley Park, H Block
Bletchley Park, The Mansion
Bletchley Park, D Block
Long Wittenham, 34 High Street
January 2016
Westminster, Bayswater Road, Lancaster Gate
Westminster, Kensington Gardens, Speke's Monument
Westminster, Kensington Gardens, Water Pump
Westminster, Kensington Gardens, Coalbrookdale Gate
Westminster, Kensington Road
Westminster, Royal Albert Hall
Westminster, Kensington Gardens, Albert Memorial
Westminster, West Carriage Drive
Westminster, Serpentine Bridge
Westminster, Kensington Gardens, The Long Water
Westminster, Kensington Gardens, The Fountains
Westminster, Westbourne Terrace
Westminster, Hilton London Paddington
Westminster, Paddington Station
Westminster, London Street
Westminster, Kensington Gardens, Seat Plinth
Culham, St Paul's Church
Oxford, St Andrew's School
Oxford, Old High Street
Oxford, 26 Old High Street
Oxford, Dorset House
Oxford, 104 Lime Walk
Oxford, 27 Park End Street
Oxford, Rewley Railway Bridge
Oxford, Isis Lock
Oxford, Castle Mill Stream Weir
Oxford, 42A Hythe Bridge Street
Oxford, Oxfordshire Register Office
Oxford, 1 Fisher Row
Oxford, Christ Church Old Buildings
Oxford, St Thomas the Martyr's Church
Oxford, Botley Road Railway Bridge


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