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Explanation of Types

Type Description Examples
Flush Bracket These are rectangular metal plates affixed to triangulation pillars, walls, buildings etc. If they are not affixed to a triangulation pillar they are often referred to as Non-Pillar Flush Brackets (NPFB). They are about 6" x 3" in size and the location of most of them is known through Ordnance Survey (OS) records. Each Flush Bracket (FB) has a unique serial number which makes them highly 'collectable' and there are several numbering types.  
  One to four figure number
The earliest FBs you can find and date from 1912-1921. Numbered from 1-3000. A few can be found on triangulation pillars.
Introduced in the 1920s these are found on pillars and as NPFBs. There are two sub-types, S below the number and S left of the number.
First appeared in 1936. Unlike S-series brackets numbers below 1000 do not have leading zeroes. Used extensively in Scotland and never found on triangulation pillars.
Just sixteen brackets used in London in the early 1930s.
  Five figure number
These are effectively S-series brackets above S9999 where they ran out of room for the S (S-below was discontinued as the S interfered with the measuring equipment).
Projecting Bracket An early type of metal bracket used for a short time before the introduction of flush brackets. They are all the same and have no unique attributes. Reading, Greyfriar's Church
OSBM Bolt Used alongside the G-series of flush brackets these are placed where there wasn't a convenient building or wall to provide a vertical surface on which to affix a flush bracket. They are domed metal bolts about 1" (50-60mm) in diameter fixed to horizontal surfaces engraved with OSBM and the benchmark symbol. Caban Coch Dam
Cut Bench Mark By far the most common type. Used and made from the 1800s to around 20 years ago. You won't have to walk (or drive) very far in any village, town or city in Britain before you spot one of these. Chiseled into stone, brick or wood on all sorts of vertical structures. A familiar horizontal levelling line with a three line arrow pointing towards it (usually upwards). Each one is unique depending on the mason who cut it, some are plain, some decorated. Some roughly cut, some exquisitely cut with high accuracy. Some small, some huge. Wallingford, 60 High Street
Cut Bench Mark with Bolt Old and rare these have a metal bolt screwed either alongside the horizontal cut of a cut bench mark or at the point of the cut arrowhead. Usually has what appears as a screwhead horizontal in the head of the bolt. These are highly prized by benchmarkers. Dorchester Abbey
Rivet Usually found on horizontal surfaces these are cut marks with a small metal domed brass rivet at the apex of the cut arrowhead marks. Swyncombe, Icknield Field
Pivot Fairly rare these are used on horizontal surfaces such as soft sandstone, where the insertion of a rivet would break away the stone. They consist of a small hole or depression cut to take a pivot, a steel ball bearing of 5/8" diameter (16mm). In use, the pivot is placed in the depression and the levelling staff held on top of the pivot. Sutton Bridge
Fundamental Bench Mark These are the key to the whole levelling of the UK. Granite blocks with large domed metal caps. Just like an iceberg this is just the tip of a fairly extensive underground structure. Highly accurate height stations still used today as the baseline to levelling. Conwy
Triangulation Pillar Familiar to anyone who walks in the British countryside, these can often (but not always) be found at hilltops. Most have a flush bracket affixed to one side. Huntingland


December 2015
Boars Hill, Ripon Hall Lodge
Radley, Park End Barn
Ardington, Lain's Barn
Grove Park, Grove Park Bridge
Grove, A338 Railway Bridge
East Hanney, Milestone, Wantage 3
Drayton, Steventon Road BS
11038 - Yarnton, 158 Cassington Road
Merton, Merton Road Bridge
Marsh Gibbon, Marshfield Farm
1966 - Winslow, Bell Hotel
Chearsley, Crendon Road Railway Bridge
Long Crendon, The Manor
Worminghall, Lappingford Bridge
November 2015
Radley, St James the Great Church
Radley, Radley College
Oxford, 39 New High Street
Oxford, 69 London Road
Oxford, 25 Windmill Road
Oxford, Headington Conservative Club
Oxford, 109 Windmill Road
Oxford, Windmill Road Letterbox
Oxford, Old Road Nurses Home
Oxford, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre
Oxford, Moor Ditch Bridge
Oxford, 31 Old Road
Oxford, 61 Old Road
Oxford, 69 Old Road
Oxford, Old Road Wall
Oxford, All Saints' Church
Keyworth, Barnfield Farm
Copt Oak, St Peter's Church
Shorthampton, Catsham Bridge
29 - Abingdon, Ock Bridge
October 2015
North Leigh, St Mary's Church
Keyhaven, Saltgrass Lane
Keyhaven, Ruby Cottage
Keyhaven, The Old Stores
Keyhaven, Keyhaven Sluice
Hurst Castle, Transfer Bolt
Hurst Castle, West Wing
Hurst Castle, East Wing
Hurst Castle, South Bastion
S0545 - Hurst Castle, Pump House
Aldbourne, The Square
S0791 - Amesbury, St Mary & St Melor Church
Upper Woodford, Boreland House
Stratford-sub-Castle, Stratford Bridge
55 - East Grimstead, Railway Bridge
East Grimstead, Holy Trinity Church
S9140 - Stockbridge, Town Hall
Wherwell, The White Lion (SE)
Wherwell, The White Lion (NE)
Kingsclere, St Mary's Church
Newbury, 31 Craven Road
Newbury, 9 Kennet Road
Newbury, Engineering Works, Berkeley Road
Newbury, 32/33 Berkeley Road
Newbury, 2 St Georges Avenue
Newbury, Newbury Hall School
Newbury, Rockingham Road Railway Bridge
Newbury, Station Road
Newbury, Blackboys Overbridge
Newbury, 51 Bartholomew Street
Newbury, 35 Bartholomew Street
Dyserth FBM
Dyserth, Mount House
Dyserth, Pandy Lane
Dyserth, Craig-y-Castell
G2910 - Dyserth, Allt-Y-Graig
Dyserth, Castle Wood
Dyserth, United Reformed Church
Dyserth, Gwalia House
Dyserth, Old Bakery
G2911 - Dyserth, Prengwyn
Rhos-on-Sea, Ice Cream Parlour
Rhos-on-Sea, Depot, Colwyn Avenue
Rhos-on-Sea, 89 Rhos Promenade
Rhos-on-Sea, Pier Gatehouse
Rhos-on-Sea, Marine Drive opp. Colwyn Avenue
Rhos-on-Sea, Marine Drive/Trillo Avenue Junction
Rhos-on-Sea, Marine Drive opp. Foreshore Park
Rhos-on-Sea, 89 Marine Drive
Rhos-on-Sea, Penrhyn Court
Rhos-on-Sea, 64 Rhos Road
Rhos-on-Sea, Elwy Road
Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Crescent
Rhos-on-Sea, Recreation Ground, Penrhyn Avenue
Rhos-on-Sea, Penrhyn Avenue/Newton Road Junction
Rhos-on-Sea, 5 Church Road
Rhos-on-Sea, Church Road
Rhos-on-Sea, 49A Church Road
Rhos-on-Sea, 69 Church Road
Rhos-on-Sea, Llandrillo Parish Church
Rhos-on-Sea, Gatepost, Llandrillo Parish Church
Rhos-on-Sea, Tan-y-Graig
S7330 - Bryn Euryn
Rhos-on-Sea, Bryn Euryn
Rhos-on-Sea, Tan-Y-Bryn Road Pump (S)
Rhos-on-Sea, Tan-Y-Bryn Road Letterbox (N)
Rhos-on-Sea, Tan-Y-Bryn Road Letterbox (S)
Rhos-on-Sea, Tan-Y-Bryn
Rhos-on-Sea, Tan-Y-Bryn/Rhos Road Junction
Rhos-on-Sea, 85 Brompton Avenue
Rhos-on-Sea, 65 Brompton Avenue
Rhos-on-Sea, 53 Brompton Avenue
Rhos-on-Sea, 30 Brompton Avenue
Rhos-on-Sea, Brompton Avenue
Rhos-on-Sea, Whitehall Road
Rhos-on-Sea, St George's Church
Rhos-on-Sea, 57 Everard Road
Rhos-on-Sea, Cliffe House, St Georges Road
Rhos-on-Sea, Water Trough, West Promenade
Old Colwyn, Promenade
Old Colwyn, Beach Road Viaduct
Old Colwyn, Limehurst, Queens Road
Llanddulas, Abergele Road
Llanddulas, Craig Y Mor
G5214 - Llanddulas, Tan-Yr-Allt Road
Llanddulas, Erw Wen
Llanddulas, Abergele Road
Llanddulas, River Dulas Bridge
Llanddulas, St Cynbryd's Church
Llanddulas, Gwrych Castle, Northern Tower
G2842 - Llanddulas, Gwrych Castle, Northern Towers
G2843 - Llanddulas, Hen Wrych Farm
Llanddulas, Hen Wrych Lodge
Abergele, Gwrych Castle, Entrance Tower
G2844 - Pensarn, The Park
G5228 - Ty-mawr, Farmhouse Inn
Kinmel Bay, Sandy Cove Club
Kinmel Bay, Water Works
Kinmel Bay, Golden Sands Holiday Park
Towyn, Towyn Road Railway Bridge
G2846 - Towyn, Palins Holiday Park
Prestatyn, 58 Marine Road
Prestatyn, 20 Marine Road
Prestatyn, 3-5 Victoria Road
Prestatyn, Suhail Tandoori Restaurant
Rhuddlan, Abergele Road Railway Bridge
Rhuddlan, Rhuddlan Bridge
Rhuddlan, 20 Dyserth Road
Rhuddlan, Banquet House
Rhuddlan, Gosen Evangelical Church
Rhuddlan, St Mary's Church (SW)
Rhuddlan, St Mary's Church (NE)
S0315 - Rhuddlan, Phoenix Lodge
Talacre, Station Road Gatepost
Talacre, Station Road Railway Bridge
Talacre, Granary Court
Glan-y-Don, The School House
S6275 - Mostyn, Christ Church
S6276 - Mostyn, Railway Station
Mostyn, Coast Road Railway Bridge
Greenfield, 8 Sycamore Terrace
S6273 - Greenfield, Holy Trinity Church
Greenfield, Maes-y-Dyffryn
Greenfield, 9 Greenfield Road
Bryn-Celyn, Greenfield Road
Holywell, Upper Cotton Mill
Holywell, St James' Church
Holywell, NatWest Bank
S6435 - Holywell, County Primary School
Holywell, Court House
Holywell, Town Hall
Holywell, Branch Line Gatepost
Greenfield, Bagillt Road Railway Bridge
Greenfield, Dock Road Railway Bridge
Bagillt, Hall, High Street
Bagillt, Works Building, High Street
Bagillt, Wye Bank
Bagillt, Gadlys Lane Farm
Bagillt, Graig
Bagillt, Gadlys Lane
Bagillt, Church of St Mary and St Peter
S6269 - Shotton, St Ethelwold's Church
Chester, Lead Works
Chester, 16 Queens Road
Chester, 42 City Road
Chester, 34 Eastgate Street
Chester, Eastgate
Chester, The Forest House
Chester, City Road
Chester, Central Hall
Queensferry, Station Road Railway Bridge
Connah's Quay, Dock Road Railway Bridge
Connah's Quay, Dock Wall
Connah's Quay, Wall Opposite Playground
Connah's Quay, Timber Yard Wall
Shotton, Rowleys Drive Railway Bridge
Shotton, Deeside Enterprise Park
Shotton, County Infants School (W)
Shotton, County Infants School (SW)
S6270 - Shotton, St Ethelwold's Primary School
Shotton, Wepre Bridge
Shotton, Wepre Crossing
Shotton, Bridge Street Footbridge
Shotton, Old Railway Bridge
Shotton, Hawarden Bridge
Shotton, Chester Road West Railway Bridge
Sandycroft, Broughton Brook Bridge (NW)
Sandycroft, Broughton Brook Bridge (SE)
Sandycroft, 18 Chester Road
Sandycroft, 56 Chester Road
Sandycroft, 84 Phoenix Street
Sandycroft, Station Road
Chester, Railway Station
September 2015
West Hagbourne, London Road
August 2015
Bushton, Hollyhouse Farm
S2477 - Stoke Hill
G3882 - Gore Cross Farm
Imber, St Giles' Church
Imber, The Bell Inn
Warminster, 73 East Street
Warminster, 45 East Street
West Lavington Down, Water Tank
Sparsholt, Church of the Holy Rood
Mapledurham, Old Post Office
Mapledurham, Lilley Farm
Mapledurham, St Margaret's Church
July 2015
Fyfield, Greenhill Barn
Somerford Keynes, All Saints' Church
Goring, Station Road
Goring, St Thomas of Canterbury Church
Goring, Old Post Office
Goring, High Street
Leicester, 66 Church Gate
Leicester, NatWest Bank
Leicester, Library & General News Room
Leicester, 3 Belvoir Street
Leicester, 15 Wellington Street
Leicester, Holy Cross Centre
Leicester, New Walk
Leicester, 1 Newarke Street
Leicester, Central Library
Leicester, Town Hall
Leicester, Castle Park Hotel
Leicester, 24 Friar Lane
Leicester, St Martin's Cathedral
Leicester, St Martins
Leicester, The Globe
Leicester, Clock Tower
Lower Basildon, Railway Bridge
Lower Basildon, St Bartholomew's Church
Pitsford, All Saints' Church
Pitsford, Village Hall
Pitsford, Grange Lane
Pitsford, Grange Lane Carpark
Cholsey, The Morning Star
Cholsey, Fair Mile Hospital
June 2015
Chipping Norton, Allotments
Chipping Norton, The Red Lion
Chipping Norton, 7 Wards Road
Chipping Norton, 29 Horse Fair
Chipping Norton, 34 West Street
Chipping Norton, 58 West Street
Chipping Norton, St Mary's School
Chipping Norton, Bliss Lodge
Chipping Norton, Worcester Road Bridge
Chipping Norton, Penhurst Gatepost
Chipping Norton, Penhurst Orphanage
Chipping Norton, Baptist Church
Chipping Norton, 61 New Street
Chipping Norton, Distons Lane
Chipping Norton, St Mary's Church
Chipping Norton, The Elm, Church Lane
Chipping Norton, 10A Middle Row
Chipping Norton, Town Hall
Chipping Norton, Town Hall
Chipping Norton, 12 West Street
Chipping Norton, ACE Children's Centre
Chipping Norton, Burford Road Substation
May 2015
Bwlch, War Memorial
Llanthony, St David's Church
Capel-y-ffin, Church of St Mary the Virgin
Clyro, Croesfeilliog
Painscastle, Village Hall
11807 - Portsmouth, Cross Street
Portsmouth, 24 Butcher Street
Portsmouth, St George's Church Hall
Portsmouth, Admiralty Chart Datum
Portsmouth, The Vulcan Building
Portsmouth, Old Custom House
Portsmouth, The Ship Leopard
Portsmouth, Naval Historical Branch
Portsmouth, Historic Dockyard, Building 1/10
Portsmouth, Historic Dockyard, Storehouse 10
Portsmouth, Historic Dockyard, Storehouse 9
Portsmouth, Dockyard College
Poole, Antelope Hotel
Poole, 5 The Quay
Poole, Local History Centre
Poole, 10 Thames Street
Poole, St James' Church
Poole, 29 Church Street
Poole, 13 Market Street
Poole, Guildhall
Poole, Hill Street
Poole, 106 High Street
Poole, 57 Lagland Street
S9855 - Poole, Old Library
Poole, High Street Level Crossing
Southwark, 66 The Cut
Southwark, The Old Vic Theatre
Southwark, Mepham Street
Southwark, Waterloo Station
Hannington, Hannington Hall
Castle Eaton, 1 The Street
Meysey Hampton, High Street
Fairford, Town Bridge
Blewbury, Churn Farm Railway Bridge
Oxford, Wharf House
S2414 - Waden Hill
Avebury, West Kennet Avenue
Avebury, Avebury and District Club
Avebury, Crossroads
Malmesbury, Blicks Hill
Malmesbury, Holloway Bridge
Malmesbury, St John's Bridge
Malmesbury, 77 High Street
Malmesbury, Old Post Office
Malmesbury, The Gig House
S0507 - Malmesbury, Town Hall
Malmesbury, The Cross
Malmesbury, Bell Tower
Malmesbury, B4040
April 2015
Normanton-on-the-Wolds, Platt Lane Railway Bridge
Abingdon, Faringdon Road, Boundary Stone
Goosey, Stutfield Bridge
Goosey, Milestone, Wantage 4
Steventon, Storage Facility Entrance
Princes Risborough, Clifford Road Garages
Oxford, Abingdon Road
Warwick, 3 Stratford Road
Warwick, 78 West Street
Warwick, Catholic Church of St Mary Immaculate
Warwick, 21 Castle Lane
Warwick, Westgate Primary School
Warwick, Castle Lane
Warwick, 1 Castle Hill House
Warwick FBM
Warwick, 6 Gerrard Street
Warwick, 18 Coventry Road
Warwick, 48 Coventry Road
Warwick, 37 Coventry Road
Warwick, 122 Coventry Road
Warwick, Coventry Road Moorings
Warwick, Coventry Road Canal Bridge
464 - Warwick, 146 Coventry Road
Warwick, St. Nicholas's Church
March 2015
Teddington, Broad Street Railway Bridge
Teddington, The Park Hotel
Teddington, The Adelaide
Hampton Court, Tennis Courts
Hampton Court, Trophy Gates
Hampton Court, Barge Walk
Hampton Court, Banqueting Hall
Hampton Court, Lion Gates
Bushy Park, Diana Fountain
Bushy Park, Old Pump
Bushy Park, Teddington Gate
Teddington, Railway Station
Teddington, Post Office
Abingdon, Stert Street
Boxford, Railway Bridge
Bucklebury, Cattle Pound
Oakley Green, The Greene Oak
Windsor, 1-2 Mill Lane
Horton, Churchyard Wall
Horton, Berkyn Manor Farm
Bucklebury, St Mary's Church
Boxford, Lambourn Bridge
Abingdon, St Nicholas' Church
Wareham, Town Hall
Oxford, Red Bridge
Oxford, Milestone, Abingdon 5
Oxford, Bradbury Lodge
Shepshed, 44 The Meadows
Shepshed, Anson Road
Woolstone, All Saints' Church (S)
Woolstone, All Saints' Church
Berinsfield, 150 Fane Drive
Wallingford, St George's House
Wallingford, Station Road
Wallingford, St Mary's Hospital
Wallingford, Croft Road
Wallingford, 91 High Street
Wallingford, Greenfield Crescent
Wallingford, Fir Tree Avenue
Ewelme, High Street
Ewelme, St Mary's Church
Ewelme, Down Farm
Ewelme, Warren Bottom
Milton, Church of St Blaise
Milton Park, 63 Jubilee Avenue
February 2015
28 - Abingdon, Burford Bridge
Edinburgh, Scott Monument
Edinburgh, 168 Mayfield Road
Edinburgh, 173 Causewayside
Edinburgh, 1 Minto Street
Edinburgh, 45/46 Minto Street
Edinburgh, 1 Middleby Street
Edinburgh, Minto Street
Edinburgh, Old College
Edinburgh, North Bridge
Edinburgh, Tron Church
Edinburgh, 166 High Street
Edinburgh, St Giles' Cathedral
January 2015
Newbury, Canalside Wall


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