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Explanation of Types

Type Description Examples
Flush Bracket These are rectangular metal plates affixed to triangulation pillars, walls, buildings etc. If they are not affixed to a triangulation pillar they are often referred to as Non-Pillar Flush Brackets (NPFB). They are about 6" x 3" in size and the location of most of them is known through Ordnance Survey (OS) records. Each Flush Bracket (FB) has a unique serial number which makes them highly 'collectable' and there are several numbering types.  
  One to four figure number
The earliest FBs you can find and date from 1912-1921. Numbered from 1-3000. A few can be found on triangulation pillars.
Introduced in the 1920s these are found on pillars and as NPFBs. There are two sub-types, S below the number and S left of the number.
First appeared in 1936. Unlike S-series brackets numbers below 1000 do not have leading zeroes. Used extensively in Scotland and never found on triangulation pillars.
Just sixteen brackets used in London in the early 1930s.
  Five figure number
These are effectively S-series brackets above S9999 where they ran out of room for the S (S-below was discontinued as the S interfered with the measuring equipment).
Projecting Bracket An early type of metal bracket used for a short time before the introduction of flush brackets. They are all the same and have no unique attributes. Reading, Greyfriar's Church
OSBM Bolt Used alongside the G-series of flush brackets these are placed where there wasn't a convenient building or wall to provide a vertical surface on which to affix a flush bracket. They are domed metal bolts about 1" (50-60mm) in diameter fixed to horizontal surfaces engraved with OSBM and the benchmark symbol. Caban Coch Dam
Cut Bench Mark By far the most common type. Used and made from the 1800s to around 20 years ago. You won't have to walk (or drive) very far in any village, town or city in Britain before you spot one of these. Chiseled into stone, brick or wood on all sorts of vertical structures. A familiar horizontal levelling line with a three line arrow pointing towards it (usually upwards). Each one is unique depending on the mason who cut it, some are plain, some decorated. Some roughly cut, some exquisitely cut with high accuracy. Some small, some huge. Wallingford, 60 High Street
Cut Bench Mark with Bolt Old and rare these have a metal bolt screwed either alongside the horizontal cut of a cut bench mark or at the point of the cut arrowhead. Usually has what appears as a screwhead horizontal in the head of the bolt. These are highly prized by benchmarkers. Dorchester Abbey
Rivet Usually found on horizontal surfaces these are cut marks with a small metal domed brass rivet at the apex of the cut arrowhead marks. Swyncombe, Icknield Field
Pivot Fairly rare these are used on horizontal surfaces such as soft sandstone, where the insertion of a rivet would break away the stone. They consist of a small hole or depression cut to take a pivot, a steel ball bearing of 5/8" diameter (16mm). In use, the pivot is placed in the depression and the levelling staff held on top of the pivot. Sutton Bridge
Fundamental Bench Mark These are the key to the whole levelling of the UK. Granite blocks with large domed metal caps. Just like an iceberg this is just the tip of a fairly extensive underground structure. Highly accurate height stations still used today as the baseline to levelling. Conwy
Triangulation Pillar Familiar to anyone who walks in the British countryside, these can often (but not always) be found at hilltops. Most have a flush bracket affixed to one side. Huntingland

All Records

August 2018
Plymouth, Wyndham Street East
Plymouth, Cathedral House
Plymouth, 1 The Esplanade
Plymouth, Hoe Promenade, Entrance Pillar
Plymouth, 16 Elliot Street
Plymouth, Cliff Road, SW Hoe Entrance
Plymouth, Leigham Street
Plymouth, Cliff Road, SW Shelter
Plymouth, Cliff Road opp. 19
Plymouth, Radford Road opp. 5 Northumberland Terrace
Plymouth, Radford Road / Garden Crescent
Plymouth, 17 Walker Terrace
Plymouth, West Hoe Road / Cliff Road
Plymouth, Millbay Docks
Plymouth, Great Western Road opp. Garden Crescent
Plymouth, Grand Parade opp. Rear 26
Plymouth, Rock Cottage
Plymouth, Grand Parade
Plymouth, Maritimo, Hoe Road
Plymouth, Madeira Road, Steps
Plymouth, Madeira Road / Hoe Road
Plymouth, Hoe Promenade
Plymouth, Royal Citadel, West Sally Port
Plymouth, Hoe Park, Outbuilding
Plymouth, Royal Citadel, Prince George's Bastion
S0720 - Plymouth, Lambhay Hill
Plymouth, Royal Citadel, Prince of Wales Bastion
Plymouth, Hoe Road, Park Entrance
Plymouth, Citadel Road opp. 181
Plymouth, Palace Court
Plymouth, 94 Vauxhall Street
Plymouth, Vauxhall Quay
Plymouth, Hawkers Avenue
Plymouth, Harbour Avenue
Plymouth, Sutton Road / Marrowbone Slip
Plymouth, Lockyers Quay
Plymouth, 1 Clare Place
Plymouth, St John's Bridge
Plymouth, St John's Mews
Plymouth, St John the Evangelist Church
Plymouth, 192 Exeter Street
Plymouth, Tothill Road / Desborough Road
Plymouth, Tothill Road Railway Bridge
Plymouth, St Jude's Church
Plymouth, Tothill Avenue opp. Salisbury Road
Plymouth, Tothill Avenue / Beaumont Road
Plymouth, Beaumont Road
Plymouth, Holy Cross Primary School
Plymouth, Charles Church
Plymouth, Eastlake House
Plymouth, 8 Old Town Street
Plymouth, East Quay Dock Office
Plymouth, Cattedown Road
Plymouth, Cattedown Road Archway
Turnchapel, Boringdon Road
Oreston, Lower Saltram
Oreston, 139 Plymstock Road
Plymouth, Bulmer Road Railway Bridge
Plymouth, Lucas Terrace Railway Bridge
Plymouth, Embankment Road, Pylon
Plymouth, Embankment Road, The Embankment
Plymouth, Embankment Road, Lipson Lake
Plymouth, Embankment Road opp. Bus Stop
Plymouth, Arnolds Point
Plymouth, Embankment Road, Lanhydrock Road Bus Stop
Plymouth, New Laira Bridge
Plymouth, Old Laira Bridge
G5016 - Plymouth, Rock Gardens Railway Bridge
Plymouth, Lanhydrock Road Railway Bridge
Plymouth, Beaumont Road, Astor Drive Bus Stop
Plymouth, 66 Elm Road
Plymouth, Ashford Hill
Plymouth, Mutley Methodist Church
Plymouth, 12 Dale Road
Plymouth, 9 Gordon Terrace
Plymouth, 1A Restormel Terrace
Plymouth, 38 Derry Avenue
Plymouth, Houndiscombe Road / Sutherland Road
Plymouth, 48 North Road East
Plymouth, 2 Houndiscombe Road
Plymouth, Houndiscombe Road Junction
Plymouth, 44 Houndiscombe Road
Plymouth, 53 Houndiscombe Road
Plymouth, 20 Napier Terrace
Plymouth, 20 Mutley Plain
Plymouth, Houndiscombe Road Electricity Substation
Plymouth, Mutley Baptist Church
Plymouth, Citadel Road / Lambhay Hill
Plymouth, Friars Lane / New Street
Plymouth, 7 Castle Dyke Lane
Plymouth, 22 Southside Street
Plymouth, The Barbican opp. Admiral MacBride
Plymouth, Barbican Theatre
Plymouth, 63-64 Notte Street
Plymouth, 72 Alma Road
Plymouth, 139 Stuart Road
Plymouth, 18 Wilton Street
Plymouth, Archer Place
Plymouth, Patna Place
Plymouth, The Town House
Plymouth, All Saints' Church
Plymouth, Hastings Terrace
Plymouth, Oxford Street Primary School
Plymouth, 21 Oxford Place
Plymouth, Millbay Station
Plymouth, Richmond Walk opp. Car Park
Plymouth, 253 James Street
Plymouth, Richmond Walk opp. Play Area
Plymouth, Richmond Walk opp. Lido
Plymouth, Richmond Walk, Park Entrance Archway
Plymouth, Richmond Walk opp. Access Slope
Plymouth, Richmond Walk opp. 10 Bakers Place
Plymouth, Richmond Walk, Mayflower Marina
Crowntown, B3303 Gatepost
Tregathenan, Tregadjack
Truthall, Truthall Halt Railway Bridge
Plymouth, 38/39 Notte Street
Plymouth, St Andrew's Church Wall
Plymouth, The Treasury, Catherine Street
Plymouth, Guildhall
Plymouth, Armada Way PC
Plymouth, Paradise Road Railway Bridge
Plymouth, 31 Alcester Street
Plymouth, 21 Alcester Street
Plymouth, Boscawen Place Railway Bridge
Plymouth, 32 Camperdown Street
Plymouth, 3 Camperdown Street
Plymouth, 28 Pasley Street
Plymouth, Pasley Street Railway Bridge
Plymouth, Royal Navy Avenue Railway Bridge
Plymouth, Royal Navy Avenue opp. St Thomas' Church
Plymouth, Renown Street Electricity Substation
Plymouth, Alexandra Park Entrance
Plymouth, 46 Beatrice Avenue
Plymouth, 56 Station Road
Plymouth, Moor View
Plymouth, Brunel Terrace Railway Bridge
Plymouth, 1 Railway Cottages
Plymouth, North Prospect Road opp. Buckfast Close
Plymouth, Weston Mill Cemetery Entrance
Plymouth, Weston Mill Cemetery Lodge
Plymouth, Ferndale Road opp. 20 Vermont Gardens
Plymouth, 40 Bridwell Road
Plymouth, St Philip's Church
Plymouth, 183 Bridwell Road
Plymouth, 117 Bridwell Road
Plymouth, 6 Eliot Street
Plymouth, 41 Eliot Street
Plymouth, 4 York Road
Plymouth, 440 Wolseley Road
Plymouth, 25 Harbour Avenue
Plymouth, 17 Rodney Street
Plymouth, Carlton Terrace Railway Bridge
September 2017
Plymouth, Boons Place
Plymouth, 232 North Road West
Plymouth, North Road Railway Bridge
Plymouth, St Dunstan's Abbey School
Plymouth, North Road West
Plymouth, 246 Cecil Street
Plymouth, Noah's Ark Childcare Centre
Plymouth, Duke of Somerset
Plymouth, St Peter's Church
Plymouth, 11 Wyndham Street West
Plymouth, Notre Dame Convent High School
Plymouth, 119-120 King Street
Plymouth, 12-14 Octagon Street
June 2017
Bath, Royal Avenue, East Gates
Bath, 2 Gay Street
Bath, 27 Queen Square
Bath, 20 Queen Square
Bath, 13 Queen Square
Bath, 10 New King Street
Bath, 17 Charles Street
Bath, The Trinity
Bath, Westgate Buildings
Nottingham, Platform One Practice, Station Street
Nottingham, Station Street opp. Waterfront House
Nottingham, Seven Arches Bridge
Nottingham, The Hicking Building, Queens Road
Cholsey, 59 Wallingford Road
G2612 - Ffestiniog, Tal-y-bont
S0436 - Bala, Old School
11443 - Ffestiniog, Pont Yr Afon Gam
May 2017
Edinburgh, 1 Elm Row
Edinburgh, 10 Blenheim Place
Edinburgh, Greenside Church
Edinburgh, Greenside Church Path
Edinburgh, Calton Hill Blocked Entrance
Edinburgh, Calton Hill Stone
Edinburgh, Hume Walk
Edinburgh, Calton Hill Garden Wall
S3006 - Calton Hill
Edinburgh, Nelson Monument
Edinburgh, National Monument of Scotland
Edinburgh, Calton Hill Path Junction
Edinburgh, Calton Hill Steps
Edinburgh, Regent Road / Hume Walk
Edinburgh, Waterloo Place
Edinburgh, 22 Hanover Street
Edinburgh, 12 Downie Terrace
Edinburgh, Corstorphine Hospital
Edinburgh, Pinkhill Station
Edinburgh, Glendevon Park Railway Bridge
Edinburgh, 1 Antigua Street
Edinburgh, The Cottage, West Princes Street Gardens
Edinburgh, West Princes Street Gardens
Edinburgh, The Mound
Edinburgh, The Mound / Mound Place
Edinburgh, 1 Mound Place
Edinburgh, North Bank Street
Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle, Esplanade
Edinburgh, Castle Wynd North
Edinburgh, The Hub
Edinburgh, Johnston Terrace / Upper Bow
Edinburgh, Bedlam Theatre
Edinburgh, Greyfriars Kirk
Edinburgh, 27 Chambers Street
Edinburgh, Chambers Street
Edinburgh, 125 George Street
Edinburgh, 107 George Street
Edinburgh, 91 Hanover Street
Edinburgh, Queen Street / Queen Street Gardens East
Edinburgh, 7 Queen Street
Edinburgh, Regent Road opp. Regent Terrace
Cockenzie, 74 High Street
Cockenzie, 1 Edinburgh Road
Prestonpans, 17 High Street
Prestonpans, Winfields, East Loan
Edinburgh, 12 Gayfield Square
Edinburgh, 21 Leith Street
Edinburgh, Balmoral Hotel
Edinburgh, Princes Street opp. 60 Princes Street
Edinburgh, Princes Street opp. Tram Stop
Edinburgh, Princes Street opp. Frederick Street
Edinburgh, Princes Street opp. Castle Street
Edinburgh, King George IV Monument
Edinburgh, St Andrew's and St George's Church
Edinburgh, National Portrait Gallery
Edinburgh, St Paul's and St George's Church
Edinburgh, 24 Broughton Street
Edinburgh, 40 Broughton Street
Edinburgh, Broughton Place Church
Appleby, St Lawrence's Church
Appleby, Kingdom Hall
Appleby, Bongate House
Appleby, Bongate
Appleby, St Michael's Church
Appleby, Jubilee Bridge
Appleby, Scattergate
Appleby, 6 Colby Lane
Appleby, Shaws Wiend
Appleby, High Cross
Appleby, The Ings
Appleby, Banks Lane
Appleby, Chapel Street
Appleby, King George's Field
Appleby, Post Office
Appleby, Moot Hall
Appleby, Low Cross
1251 - Appleby, St Lawrence's Bridge
Appleby, Battlebarrow
Appleby, Belgravia
Appleby, Long Marton Road Bridge
Appleby, Barrowgarth Guest House
Appleby, Garthheads Road
Appleby, Station Road
Witton, Brookvale Road Canal Bridge
Walsall, Walsall Lock No 3
Walsall, Walsall Lock No 2
Willenhall, Bentley Wharf Bridge
Wolverhampton, Low Level Station (SE)
Wolverhampton, Low Level Station (NW)
Smethwick, Galton Valley Pumping Station
Saunderton, Station Railway Bridge
Oxford, 270 Marlborough Road
April 2017
Northend, The School House
Turville, St Mary's Church
Fingest, St Bartholomew's Church
Cadmore End, St Mary's Church
Cadmore End, Primary School
Piddington, Milestone, Wycombe 4
Radnage, Two Yews Cottage
Stokenchurch, St Peter and St Paul's Church
London, Christ Church, Spitalfields
Castle Rising, Castle Farm House
Castle Rising, 29 Lynn Road
Castle Rising, St Lawrence's Church
G4142 - Castle Rising, St Lawrence's Church
North Elmham, County School Station
Wymondham, Abbey Church
S2141 - Massingham
G3198 - Harpley, April Cottage
G2964 - Castle Acre, 32 Town Lane
Castle Acre, 26 High Street
Castle Acre, Primary School
Castle Acre, St James the Great Church
Castle Acre, Jubilee Bridge
Castle Acre, 65 Bailey Street
Castle Acre, 9 Bailey Street
G4144 - King's Lynn, Gaywood Bridge
King's Lynn, 56 High Street
King's Lynn, 26 High Street
King's Lynn, Union Lane
G4146 - King's Lynn, Post Office
King's Lynn, Greyfriars Tower
King's Lynn, Mill Fleet
King's Lynn, Stonegate Street
King's Lynn, The Maltings
King's Lynn, 30 Nelson Street
King's Lynn, 4 Nelson Street
King's Lynn, St Margaret's Church
King's Lynn, Town Hall
King's Lynn, Marriott's Warehouse
King's Lynn, College Lane
King's Lynn, Custom House
King's Lynn, 19 King Street
King's Lynn, Crown & Mitre
King's Lynn, 24 Tuesday Market Place
King's Lynn, Bishop's Lynn House
King's Lynn, St Nicholas' Chapel
King's Lynn, Red Mount Chapel
G4145 - King's Lynn, St John's Church
King's Lynn, Lynn Museum
King's Lynn, 16 Tower Street
King's Lynn, Railway Station
Hunstanton, St Edmund's Church
Hunstanton, Greevegate
Hunstanton, Golden Lion Hotel
Hunstanton, Boston Square
Hunstanton, Bowling Green
Hunstanton, Rhianva Court
Hunstanton, 1 Clarence Road
Salisbury, Dews Road Factory
Salisbury, 40 New Canal
Salisbury, Guildhall
Salisbury, White Hart Hotel
Salisbury, St Anne's Gate
Salisbury, 10 North Walk
Salisbury, 21 North Walk
Salisbury, King's House
Salisbury, North Canonry
Salisbury, Mompesson House
Salisbury, North Gate
Salisbury, St Mary's Chambers
Salisbury, 35 High Street
Salisbury, St Thomas's Church
Salisbury, City Library & Art Gallery
Salisbury, Fisherton Bridge
Salisbury, Summerlock Bridge
Salisbury, 138 Fisherton Street
Salisbury, St Paul's Church
61 - Salisbury, Fisherton Street Railway Bridge
Salisbury, Railway Station
Westminster, Opposite 28 Boston Place
Westminster, Opposite 8-10 Boston Place
March 2017
Oxford, 135 Marlborough Road
Oxford, Christchurch Meadow Sluice
Oxford, St Matthew's Church
February 2017
Oxford, 75 Sunningwell Road
Oxford, New Hinksey Primary School
Oxford, St John's Church
Oxford, Hinksey Lake
Hinksey Halt Footbridge
Oxford, Lake Street Community Centre
S1652 - Barton Stacey
Swindon, Great Western Railway Works
Swindon, National Monuments Record Office #2
Swindon, National Monuments Record Office #3
Swindon, National Monuments Record Office #1
Swindon, National Monuments Record Office
Swindon, Government Offices
Twyford, Twyford Overbridge
York, Museum Gardens Entrance
York, York Minster (Deep)
York, Station Avenue
York, York Railway Station
York, The Royal York Hotel
York, Lendal Bridge
York, Lendal Tower
York, 2 Bootham
York, Dean's Park (Deep)
York, St Michael le Belfrey
York, 68 Low Petergate
York, 50 Goodramgate
York, 27 Goodramgate
York, 20 Ogleforth
York, 5 Minster Yard
York, 10 Minster Yard
York, The Lodge, Precentor's Court
York, York Minster
2423 - York, High Petergate
York, Duncombe Place
York, Lendal/Museum Street
York, The Yorkshire Museum
South Hinksey, Hinskey Stream Footbridge
Oxford, Devil's Backbone Bridge
January 2017
Abingdon, 37 West St Helen Street
Naunton, Foxhill
Chipping Campden, St Catharine's Church
1761 - Chipping Campden, Sheep Street
Chipping Campden, High Street
1760 - Chipping Campden, Wixey House
Chipping Campden, St James' Church
1759 - Chipping Campden, The Corner House
Chipping Campden, Wold's End
Chipping Campden, Market Hall
December 2016
South Moreton, Sands Road Railway Bridge
Loughborough, The Schofield Centre
Loughborough, 57 Frederick Street
Loughborough, Charnwood Museum
Loughborough, Drill Hall
Loughborough, Baptist Church
Loughborough, 16 Cradock Street
Loughborough, 24 Nottingham Road
Loughborough, 30 Meadow Lane
Loughborough, 16 Barrack Row
Loughborough, 21 Duke Street
Loughborough, 77 Meadow Lane
Loughborough, 44 Rendell Street
Loughborough, Rendell Primary School
Loughborough, 87 Lower Cambridge Street
Loughborough, 25 Gladstone Avenue
Loughborough, 69 Gladstone Street
Loughborough, 41 Gladstone Street
Loughborough, Tatmarsh
Loughborough, Toothill Road
Loughborough, All Saints Church
Loughborough, Biggin Street
Culham, Waggon and Horses (NW)
Culham, Waggon and Horses (SW)
Longworth, Old Methodist Chapel
Longworth, St Mary's Church
Longworth, Church Lane
Duxford, Duxford Cottage
Hinton Waldrist, St Margaret's Church
Hinton Waldrist, 4 The Row
Southmoor, Faringdon Road
Southmoor, Lamb and Flag
33 - Southmoor, Waggon and Horses
Lower Bourton, Railway Bridge
Bourton, Pinewood School
Milton, 104 High Street
Milton, Coopers Corner
November 2016
A338, Milestone Wantage 2
October 2016
Birmingham, 125 Digbeth
Birmingham, St Martins Circus
Birmingham, 1 Oxford Street
Birmingham, 54 Bradford Street
Birmingham, Green Street
Birmingham, Brass Foundry, Bradford Street
Birmingham, 221 Cheapside
Birmingham, 174 Charles Henry Street
Birmingham, 61 Moseley Street
Birmingham, St Anne's Hostel
Birmingham, Paragon Hotel
Birmingham, 196 Alcester Street
Birmingham, Catholic Church of St Anne
Birmingham, 236 Bradford Road
Birmingham, Bradford Court
Birmingham, Adam & Eve
Small Heath, 25 Coventry Road
Birmingham, 104 Liverpool Street
Birmingham, Upper Trinity Street
Birmingham, The Rainbow
Birmingham, Lower Trinity Street
Birmingham, Heath Mill Lane
Birmingham, The Old Bank, Gibb Street
Birmingham, Big Bulls Head
Birmingham, Allison Street
Birmingham, St Martin's Church
Loughborough University, Faraday AA
Loughborough University, Faraday D
Loughborough University, Royce 2
Loughborough University, Cayley/Rutherford Dining Hall
Loughborough University, Paula Radcliffe Athletics Pavilion
Loughborough University, Hazlerigg
Loughborough University, Herbert Schofield Building
Loughborough University, Stewart Mason Building
Mountsorrel, Wood Lane Bridge
Portsmouth, Gunwharf Road
Abingdon, Albert Memorial
Tubney, St Lawrence's Church
Kingston Bagpuize, St John the Baptist Church
32 - Kingston Bagpuize, St John the Baptist Church
Abingdon, 44A Spring Road
September 2016
South Moreton, St John the Baptist's Church
Rotherhithe, St George's Wharf
August 2016
Crofton, Autobiography Overbridge
G3942 - Wilton, Swan Inn
Winchcombe, 88 North Street
Winchcombe, Youth Centre
Winchcombe, 61 Hailes Street
Winchcombe, Harvey's Lane
Winchcombe, Corner Cupboard Inn
S1457 - Winchcombe, The Old School Building
Winchcombe, St Peter's Church
Winchcombe, Briar Cottage, Castle Street
S1458 - Winchcombe, Castle Street
Winchcombe, Juri's, High Street
Hailes Church
Guildford, University of Surrey, Union House
Guildford, University of Surrey, Wates House
Guildford, University of Surrey, Block AD
Guildford, University of Surrey, Library
Guildford, University of Surrey, Block AY
Guildford, University of Surrey, Senate House
Alnwick, Alnwick Castle
Alnwick, The Alnwick Garden (W)
Alnwick, The Alnwick Garden (E)
Alnwick, Denwick Lane
Bradford, Warren Burn Bridge
Swinhoe, The Smithy
12103 - Tuggal Hall
High Newton-by-the-Sea, Newtonbarns
Low Newton-by-the-Sea, Newbiggin
Low Newton-by-the-Sea, The Ship Inn
Low Newton-by-the-Sea, The Rocket House
Low Newton-by-the-Sea, Quarry Wall
S6489 - Winshields
Winshields, Winshield Crags #5
Winshields, Winshield Crags #4
Winshields, Winshield Crags #3
Winshields, Winshield Crags #2
Winshields, Winshield Crags #1
Wooler, St Ninian's RC Church
Wooler, 54 High Street
Ingram, Ingram House
Prendwick, Prendwick Farm
Alwinton, Roadside Stone
Alwinton, Bridge End Cottage
Blindburn, Blindburn Farm
11264 - Thropton, Three Wheat Heads
Denwick Lane End
Hepburn Moor, Harehope Burn
S3697 - Ross Castle
Hepburn, Roadside Rock
Hepburn, Roadside Rock
Hepburn, Roadside Wall
Hepburn, Roadside Wall
Hepburn, Roadside Wall
Hepburn, Hepburn Bastle
July 2016
Craster, Roadside Wall
Howick, Roadside Wall
Howick, Wall at Road Junction
Howick, Howick Hall Bridge
Howick, Howick Hall Lodge
S3569 - Hips Heugh
Craster, Howick Scar
Craster, Howick Scar Farm
Craster, Fox Covert Plantation
Warkworth, Masons Arms
Warkworth, 47 Castle Street
Warkworth, Warkworth Old Bridge
S9305 - Warkworth, St Lawrence's Church
12104 - Embleton, Vincent Edwards School
Dunstan, Craster Tower
Alnmouth, Marden House
Foxton, Foxton Hall Cottages
Foxton, Foxton Hall
Foxton, Opposite Foxton Drive
Alnmouth, Cemetery Wall
Alnmouth, Concrete Wall
S3689 - Night Fold Field
Alnmouth, The Old School House
Alnmouth, The Duchess' Bridge
Alnmouth, The Wynd
Alnmouth, St John the Baptist Church
Alnmouth, 9 Marine Road
Alnmouth, Lifeboat House
Seahouses, The Olde Ship Hotel
Seahouses, Neptune Fish Restaurant
Beal, Lindisfarne Causeway, Bridge
Beal, Lindisfarne Causeway, Refuge
Beal, Lindisfarne Causeway, South Low
Holy Island, Chare Ends
Holy Island, Straight Lonnen
Holy Island, St Coombs Farm
Holy Island, Lilburn's Cottage
Holy Island, Crooked Loaning
Holy Island, St Oswald's House
Holy Island, St Mary's Church
Holy Island, Northview House
Holy Island, Cambridge House
Beal, Holy Island Road
Beal, Lindisfarne Causeway Car Park
Embleton, Blue Bell Inn
Embleton, Dunstanburgh Castle Golf Course
Beadnell, Beadnell Links
Beadnell, Benthall Farm
Alnwick, Police Station
Alnwick, White Swan Hotel
Alnwick, Town Hall
Alnwick, The Duke's Middle School
Alnwick, Loan End
Alnwick, 19 Upper Howick Street
Alnwick, 1 Lisburn Street
Alnwick, St Paul's Church
Alnwick, 25 Clayport Street
Alnwick, 5 Dispensary Street
Alnwick, St Andrew's Hall
Alnwick, Barndale House, Howling Lane
Alnwick, 2 Bailiffgate
Alnwick, Lion Bridge
Alnwick, The Peth Stables
Alnwick, 22 Walkergate
Alnwick, 5 Canongate
Alnwick, 17 Canongate
Alnwick, 10 Canongate
Alnwick, St Michael's Church
Alnwick, Northumberland Street
Alnwick, Pottergate Tower
Alnwick, 11 Narrowgate
Alnwick, Market Street Tank
1979 - Alnwick, Town Hall
Alnwick, Market Hall
Alnwick, Walker House, Hotspur Street
Alnwick, 1 Bondgate Without
Alnwick, Alngarth, Prudhoe Street
Embleton, Dunstanstead Links
Embleton, Dunstan Stead Farm
Rock, 9 Rock Village
Dunstan, Proctors Stead
Dunstan, Whisker Well Junction
Craster, Roadside Wall
Craster, 8 West End
Craster, 22 Heugh Wynd
Over Norton, NW of Choicehill Farm
June 2016
Kidderminster, 1 Comberton Road
Kidderminster, Comberton Road Railway Bridge
Bridgnorth, New Road Footbridge
Bridgnorth, Castle Hill Walk Wall
Black Country Living Museum, Pawnbroker's Shop
Black Country Living Museum, Canal Street Bridge
Black Country Living Museum, Woodsetton Toll House
Dudley, Hide, Skin & Fat Works
Kidderminster, The Sling
Kidderminster, 1 Vicar Street
Kidderminster, 1-3 Exchange Street
Kidderminster, Brintons Carpet Factory
Kidderminster, The Piano Building
Kidderminster, Gas Works Basin
Kidderminster, St Mary and All Saints' Church
Kidderminster, Clensmore Mills
Kidderminster, Stourvale Works (SW)
Kidderminster, Stourvale Works (NE)
Kidderminster, Staffs & Worcs Canal
Wolverley, Wolverley Court Lock
Wolverley, Wolverley Bridge
May 2016
East Hendred, St Augustine's Church
Kingston, Milestone, Wareham 7
Oxford, University Parks North Lodge
Okehampton, Heathfield House
Okehampton, Tors Road
Okehampton, Tors Road BS
Okehampton, Station Road Fountain
Okehampton, St Boniface Church
Okehampton, Parklands Road
Okehampton, Railway Station
Plymouth, 94 North Road East
Plymouth, 28 Winston Avenue
Plymouth, S & T Depot
Plymouth, Opposite 23 Central Park Avenue
Plymouth, 7 Russell Place
Plymouth, Pennycomequick
Plymouth, Pennycomequick Viaduct
Plymouth, St Barnabas Church
Plymouth, 62/63 Wilton Street
Plymouth, 42 Hotham Place
Plymouth, 105/106 Wilton Street
Plymouth, 84 Hotham Place
Plymouth, 17 Palmerston Street
Plymouth, Railway Bridge Wingfield Way
Plymouth, Opposite 193 Stuart Road
Plymouth, Railway Bridge De La Hay Avenue
Plymouth, De La Hay Avenue
Plymouth, 35 Amherst Road
Plymouth, 1 Lower Knolly's Terrace
Plymouth, Railway Bridge A386
Loughton, Milestone, London 48
Loughton, Olde Bell Lane
Loughton, Old Mile Stone
Shenley Church End, Shenley Road Flyover
Shenley Church End, St Mary's Church
1956 - Shenley Church End
April 2016
Loughborough, 136 Derby Road
Loughborough, 26 Knightthorpe Road
Loughborough, Derby Road Works
Uffington, 10 Faringdon Road
Uffington, 24 Faringdon Road
Uffington, Brookfield, Fawler Road
Uffington, Tom Brown's School Museum
Aston, Elm Bank Ditch
March 2016
Bexhill-on-Sea, Glyne Gap
Bexhill-on-Sea, Galley Hill
Bexhill-on-Sea, Upper Sea Road
Bexhill-on-Sea, 24 High Street
Bexhill-on-Sea, St Peter's Church
Bexhill-on-Sea, 2A Church Street
Bexhill-on-Sea, Buckhurst Road
Bexhill-on-Sea, The Chintings, Upper Sea Road
Bexhill-on-Sea, Railway Station
Bexhill-on-Sea, St Barnabas' Church
Bexhill-on-Sea, Channel View
Bexhill-on-Sea, De La Warr Parade (5)
Bexhill-on-Sea, De La Warr Parade (4)
Bexhill-on-Sea, De La Warr Parade (3)
Bexhill-on-Sea, De La Warr Parade (2)
Bexhill-on-Sea, De La Warr Parade (1)
2775 - Cooden, Railway Bridge
S1834 - Beachy Head
Eastbourne, Marine Parade
Eastbourne, Grand Parade Steps
Battle, Caldbec Hill
Battle, Caldbec House
S5293 - Battle Hill
Battle, The Old Court House
Battle, The George Hotel
Battle, Baptist Church
Battle, St Mary's Church
Battle, Battle Abbey
Goring-by-Sea, 177 Goring Road
Goring-by-Sea, 203 Goring Road
Goring-by-Sea, Goring Library
Goring-by-Sea, St Mary's Church
Ferring, Ilex Way
Ferring, Ferring Rife
Goring-by-Sea, Marine Crescent
Lewes, Southover Road Railway Bridge
Lewes, Castle Gate
Lewes, 173 High Street
Lewes, Law Courts
Lewes, Market Tower
Lewes, 20 Lansdown Place
Lewes, Station Road
Pevensey Bay, Richmond Road
Pevensey Bay, 116/118 Eastbourne Road
Oxford, 275 Abingdon Road
Oxford, 251 Abingdon Road
Oxford, Abingdon Road Letterbox
Oxford, 1A Lake Street
Oxford, Eastwyke Bridge
Oxford, 83 Abingdon Road
Oxford, The White House
Oxford, Abingdon Road, 2 Western Road
Oxford, 1 Folly Bridge
Oxford, Merton Grove
February 2016
Witney, Cogges Manor
Lambeth, Station Approach Road
Lambeth, York Road Viaduct
Lambeth, Belvedere Road Viaduct
Lambeth, London County Hall Hotel
Lambeth, London Eye
Lambeth, River Thames Parapet
Westminster, Westminster Bridge
Lambeth, Westminster Bridge
Bletchley Park, G Block
Bletchley Park, H Block
Bletchley Park, The Mansion
Bletchley Park, D Block
Long Wittenham, 34 High Street
January 2016
Westminster, Bayswater Road, Lancaster Gate
Westminster, Kensington Gardens, Speke's Monument
Westminster, Kensington Gardens, Water Pump
Westminster, Kensington Gardens, Coalbrookdale Gate
Westminster, Kensington Road
Westminster, Royal Albert Hall
Westminster, Kensington Gardens, Albert Memorial
Westminster, West Carriage Drive
Westminster, Serpentine Bridge
Westminster, Kensington Gardens, The Long Water
Westminster, Kensington Gardens, The Fountains
Westminster, Westbourne Terrace
Westminster, Hilton London Paddington
Westminster, Paddington Station
Westminster, London Street
Westminster, Kensington Gardens, Seat Plinth
Culham, St Paul's Church
Oxford, St Andrew's School
Oxford, Old High Street
Oxford, 26 Old High Street
Oxford, Dorset House
Oxford, 104 Lime Walk
Oxford, 27 Park End Street
Oxford, Rewley Railway Bridge
Oxford, Isis Lock
Oxford, Castle Mill Stream Weir
Oxford, 42A Hythe Bridge Street
Oxford, Oxfordshire Register Office
Oxford, 1 Fisher Row
Oxford, Christ Church Old Buildings
Oxford, St Thomas the Martyr's Church
Oxford, Botley Road Railway Bridge
December 2015
Boars Hill, Ripon Hall Lodge
Radley, Park End Barn
Ardington, Lain's Barn
Grove Park, Grove Park Bridge
Grove, A338 Railway Bridge
East Hanney, Milestone, Wantage 3
Drayton, Steventon Road BS
11038 - Yarnton, 158 Cassington Road
Merton, Merton Road Bridge
Marsh Gibbon, Marshfield Farm
1966 - Winslow, Bell Hotel
Chearsley, Crendon Road Railway Bridge
Long Crendon, The Manor
Worminghall, Lappingford Bridge
November 2015
Radley, St James the Great Church
Radley, Radley College
Oxford, 39 New High Street
Oxford, 69 London Road
Oxford, 25 Windmill Road
Oxford, Headington Conservative Club
Oxford, 109 Windmill Road
Oxford, Windmill Road Letterbox
Oxford, Old Road Nurses Home
Oxford, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre
Oxford, Moor Ditch Bridge
Oxford, 31 Old Road
Oxford, 61 Old Road
Oxford, 69 Old Road
Oxford, Old Road Wall
Oxford, All Saints' Church
Keyworth, Barnfield Farm
Copt Oak, St Peter's Church
Shorthampton, Catsham Bridge
29 - Abingdon, Ock Bridge
October 2015
North Leigh, St Mary's Church
Keyhaven, Saltgrass Lane
Keyhaven, Ruby Cottage
Keyhaven, The Old Stores
Keyhaven, Keyhaven Sluice
Hurst Castle, Transfer Bolt
Hurst Castle, West Wing
Hurst Castle, East Wing
Hurst Castle, South Bastion
S0545 - Hurst Castle, Pump House
Aldbourne, The Square
S0791 - Amesbury, St Mary & St Melor Church
Upper Woodford, Boreland House
Stratford-sub-Castle, Stratford Bridge
55 - East Grimstead, Railway Bridge
East Grimstead, Holy Trinity Church
S9140 - Stockbridge, Town Hall
Wherwell, The White Lion (SE)
Wherwell, The White Lion (NE)
Kingsclere, St Mary's Church
Newbury, 31 Craven Road
Newbury, 9 Kennet Road
Newbury, Engineering Works, Berkeley Road
Newbury, 32/33 Berkeley Road
Newbury, 2 St Georges Avenue
Newbury, Newbury Hall School
Newbury, Rockingham Road Railway Bridge
Newbury, Station Road
Newbury, Blackboys Overbridge
Newbury, 51 Bartholomew Street
Newbury, 35 Bartholomew Street
Dyserth FBM
Dyserth, Mount House
Dyserth, Pandy Lane
Dyserth, Craig-y-Castell
G2910 - Dyserth, Allt-Y-Graig
Dyserth, Castle Wood
Dyserth, United Reformed Church
Dyserth, Gwalia House
Dyserth, Old Bakery
G2911 - Dyserth, Prengwyn
Rhos-on-Sea, Ice Cream Parlour
Rhos-on-Sea, Depot, Colwyn Avenue
Rhos-on-Sea, 89 Rhos Promenade
Rhos-on-Sea, Pier Gatehouse
Rhos-on-Sea, Marine Drive opp. Colwyn Avenue
Rhos-on-Sea, Marine Drive/Trillo Avenue Junction
Rhos-on-Sea, Marine Drive opp. Foreshore Park
Rhos-on-Sea, 89 Marine Drive
Rhos-on-Sea, Penrhyn Court
Rhos-on-Sea, 64 Rhos Road
Rhos-on-Sea, Elwy Road
Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Crescent
Rhos-on-Sea, Recreation Ground, Penrhyn Avenue
Rhos-on-Sea, Penrhyn Avenue/Newton Road Junction
Rhos-on-Sea, 5 Church Road
Rhos-on-Sea, Church Road
Rhos-on-Sea, 49A Church Road
Rhos-on-Sea, 69 Church Road
Rhos-on-Sea, Llandrillo Parish Church
Rhos-on-Sea, Gatepost, Llandrillo Parish Church
Rhos-on-Sea, Tan-y-Graig
S7330 - Bryn Euryn
Rhos-on-Sea, Bryn Euryn
Rhos-on-Sea, Tan-Y-Bryn Road Pump (S)
Rhos-on-Sea, Tan-Y-Bryn Road Letterbox (N)
Rhos-on-Sea, Tan-Y-Bryn Road Letterbox (S)
Rhos-on-Sea, Tan-Y-Bryn
Rhos-on-Sea, Tan-Y-Bryn/Rhos Road Junction
Rhos-on-Sea, 85 Brompton Avenue
Rhos-on-Sea, 65 Brompton Avenue
Rhos-on-Sea, 53 Brompton Avenue
Rhos-on-Sea, 30 Brompton Avenue
Rhos-on-Sea, Brompton Avenue
Rhos-on-Sea, Whitehall Road
Rhos-on-Sea, St George's Church
Rhos-on-Sea, 57 Everard Road
Rhos-on-Sea, Cliffe House, St Georges Road
Rhos-on-Sea, Water Trough, West Promenade
Old Colwyn, Promenade
Old Colwyn, Beach Road Viaduct
Old Colwyn, Limehurst, Queens Road
Llanddulas, Abergele Road
Llanddulas, Craig Y Mor
G5214 - Llanddulas, Tan-Yr-Allt Road
Llanddulas, Erw Wen
Llanddulas, Abergele Road
Llanddulas, River Dulas Bridge
Llanddulas, St Cynbryd's Church
Llanddulas, Gwrych Castle, Northern Tower
G2842 - Llanddulas, Gwrych Castle, Northern Towers
G2843 - Llanddulas, Hen Wrych Farm
Llanddulas, Hen Wrych Lodge
Abergele, Gwrych Castle, Entrance Tower
G2844 - Pensarn, The Park
G5228 - Ty-mawr, Farmhouse Inn
Kinmel Bay, Sandy Cove Club
Kinmel Bay, Water Works
Kinmel Bay, Golden Sands Holiday Park
Towyn, Towyn Road Railway Bridge
G2846 - Towyn, Palins Holiday Park
Prestatyn, 58 Marine Road
Prestatyn, 20 Marine Road
Prestatyn, 3-5 Victoria Road
Prestatyn, Suhail Tandoori Restaurant
Rhuddlan, Abergele Road Railway Bridge
Rhuddlan, Rhuddlan Bridge
Rhuddlan, 20 Dyserth Road
Rhuddlan, Banquet House
Rhuddlan, Gosen Evangelical Church
Rhuddlan, St Mary's Church (SW)
Rhuddlan, St Mary's Church (NE)
S0315 - Rhuddlan, Phoenix Lodge
Talacre, Station Road Gatepost
Talacre, Station Road Railway Bridge
Talacre, Granary Court
Glan-y-Don, The School House
S6275 - Mostyn, Christ Church
S6276 - Mostyn, Railway Station
Mostyn, Coast Road Railway Bridge
Greenfield, 8 Sycamore Terrace
S6273 - Greenfield, Holy Trinity Church
Greenfield, Maes-y-Dyffryn
Greenfield, 9 Greenfield Road
Bryn-Celyn, Greenfield Road
Holywell, Upper Cotton Mill
Holywell, St James' Church
Holywell, NatWest Bank
S6435 - Holywell, County Primary School
Holywell, Court House
Holywell, Town Hall
Holywell, Branch Line Gatepost
Greenfield, Bagillt Road Railway Bridge
Greenfield, Dock Road Railway Bridge
Bagillt, Hall, High Street
Bagillt, Works Building, High Street
Bagillt, Wye Bank
Bagillt, Gadlys Lane Farm
Bagillt, Graig
Bagillt, Gadlys Lane
Bagillt, Church of St Mary and St Peter
S6269 - Shotton, St Ethelwold's Church
Chester, Lead Works
Chester, 16 Queens Road
Chester, 42 City Road
Chester, 34 Eastgate Street
Chester, Eastgate
Chester, The Forest House
Chester, City Road
Chester, Central Hall
Queensferry, Station Road Railway Bridge
Connah's Quay, Dock Road Railway Bridge
Connah's Quay, Dock Wall
Connah's Quay, Wall Opposite Playground
Connah's Quay, Timber Yard Wall
Shotton, Rowleys Drive Railway Bridge
Shotton, Deeside Enterprise Park
Shotton, County Infants School (W)
Shotton, County Infants School (SW)
S6270 - Shotton, St Ethelwold's Primary School
Shotton, Wepre Bridge
Shotton, Wepre Crossing
Shotton, Bridge Street Footbridge
Shotton, Old Railway Bridge
Shotton, Hawarden Bridge
Shotton, Chester Road West Railway Bridge
Sandycroft, Broughton Brook Bridge (NW)
Sandycroft, Broughton Brook Bridge (SE)
Sandycroft, 18 Chester Road
Sandycroft, 56 Chester Road
Sandycroft, 84 Phoenix Street
Sandycroft, Station Road
Chester, Railway Station
September 2015
West Hagbourne, London Road
August 2015
Bushton, Hollyhouse Farm
S2477 - Stoke Hill
G3882 - Gore Cross Farm
Imber, St Giles' Church
Imber, The Bell Inn
Warminster, 73 East Street
Warminster, 45 East Street
West Lavington Down, Water Tank
Sparsholt, Church of the Holy Rood
Mapledurham, Old Post Office
Mapledurham, Lilley Farm
Mapledurham, St Margaret's Church
July 2015
Fyfield, Greenhill Barn
Somerford Keynes, All Saints' Church
Goring, Station Road
Goring, St Thomas of Canterbury Church
Goring, Old Post Office
Goring, High Street
Leicester, 66 Church Gate
Leicester, NatWest Bank
Leicester, Library & General News Room
Leicester, 3 Belvoir Street
Leicester, 15 Wellington Street
Leicester, Holy Cross Centre
Leicester, New Walk
Leicester, 1 Newarke Street
Leicester, Central Library
Leicester, Town Hall
Leicester, Castle Park Hotel
Leicester, 24 Friar Lane
Leicester, St Martin's Cathedral
Leicester, St Martins
Leicester, The Globe
Leicester, Clock Tower
Lower Basildon, Railway Bridge
Lower Basildon, St Bartholomew's Church
Pitsford, All Saints' Church
Pitsford, Village Hall
Pitsford, Grange Lane
Pitsford, Grange Lane Carpark
Cholsey, The Morning Star
Cholsey, Fair Mile Hospital
June 2015
Chipping Norton, Allotments
Chipping Norton, The Red Lion
Chipping Norton, 7 Wards Road
Chipping Norton, 29 Horse Fair
Chipping Norton, 34 West Street
Chipping Norton, 58 West Street
Chipping Norton, St Mary's School
Chipping Norton, Bliss Lodge
Chipping Norton, Worcester Road Bridge
Chipping Norton, Penhurst Gatepost
Chipping Norton, Penhurst Orphanage
Chipping Norton, Baptist Church
Chipping Norton, 61 New Street
Chipping Norton, Distons Lane
Chipping Norton, St Mary's Church
Chipping Norton, The Elm, Church Lane
Chipping Norton, 10A Middle Row
Chipping Norton, Town Hall
Chipping Norton, Town Hall
Chipping Norton, 12 West Street
Chipping Norton, ACE Children's Centre
Chipping Norton, Burford Road Substation
May 2015
Bwlch, War Memorial
Llanthony, St David's Church
Capel-y-ffin, Church of St Mary the Virgin
Clyro, Croesfeilliog
Painscastle, Village Hall
11807 - Portsmouth, Cross Street
Portsmouth, 24 Butcher Street
Portsmouth, St George's Church Hall
Portsmouth, Admiralty Chart Datum
Portsmouth, The Vulcan Building
Portsmouth, Old Custom House
Portsmouth, The Ship Leopard
Portsmouth, Naval Historical Branch
Portsmouth, Historic Dockyard, Building 1/10
Portsmouth, Historic Dockyard, Storehouse 10
Portsmouth, Historic Dockyard, Storehouse 9
Portsmouth, Dockyard College
Poole, Antelope Hotel
Poole, 5 The Quay
Poole, Local History Centre
Poole, 10 Thames Street
Poole, St James' Church
Poole, 29 Church Street
Poole, 13 Market Street
Poole, Guildhall
Poole, Hill Street
Poole, 106 High Street
Poole, 57 Lagland Street
S9855 - Poole, Old Library
Poole, High Street Level Crossing
Southwark, 66 The Cut
Southwark, The Old Vic Theatre
Southwark, Mepham Street
Southwark, Waterloo Station
Hannington, Hannington Hall
Castle Eaton, 1 The Street
Meysey Hampton, High Street
Fairford, Town Bridge
Blewbury, Churn Farm Railway Bridge
Oxford, Wharf House
S2414 - Waden Hill
Avebury, West Kennet Avenue
Avebury, Avebury and District Club
Avebury, Crossroads
Malmesbury, Blicks Hill
Malmesbury, Holloway Bridge
Malmesbury, St John's Bridge
Malmesbury, 77 High Street
Malmesbury, Old Post Office
Malmesbury, The Gig House
S0507 - Malmesbury, Town Hall
Malmesbury, The Cross
Malmesbury, Bell Tower
Malmesbury, B4040
April 2015
Normanton-on-the-Wolds, Platt Lane Railway Bridge
Abingdon, Faringdon Road, Boundary Stone
Goosey, Stutfield Bridge
Goosey, Milestone, Wantage 4
Steventon, Storage Facility Entrance
Princes Risborough, Clifford Road Garages
Oxford, Abingdon Road
Warwick, 3 Stratford Road
Warwick, 78 West Street
Warwick, Catholic Church of St Mary Immaculate
Warwick, 21 Castle Lane
Warwick, Westgate Primary School
Warwick, Castle Lane
Warwick, 1 Castle Hill House
Warwick FBM
Warwick, 6 Gerrard Street
Warwick, 18 Coventry Road
Warwick, 48 Coventry Road
Warwick, 37 Coventry Road
Warwick, 122 Coventry Road
Warwick, Coventry Road Moorings
Warwick, Coventry Road Canal Bridge
464 - Warwick, 146 Coventry Road
Warwick, St. Nicholas's Church
March 2015
Teddington, Broad Street Railway Bridge
Teddington, The Park Hotel
Teddington, The Adelaide
Hampton Court, Tennis Courts
Hampton Court, Trophy Gates
Hampton Court, Barge Walk
Hampton Court, Banqueting Hall
Hampton Court, Lion Gates
Bushy Park, Diana Fountain
Bushy Park, Old Pump
Bushy Park, Teddington Gate
Teddington, Railway Station
Teddington, Post Office
Abingdon, Stert Street
Boxford, Railway Bridge
Bucklebury, Cattle Pound
Oakley Green, The Greene Oak
Windsor, 1-2 Mill Lane
Horton, Churchyard Wall
Horton, Berkyn Manor Farm
Bucklebury, St Mary's Church
Boxford, Lambourn Bridge
Abingdon, St Nicholas' Church
Wareham, Town Hall
Oxford, Red Bridge
Oxford, Milestone, Abingdon 5
Oxford, Bradbury Lodge
Shepshed, 44 The Meadows
Shepshed, Anson Road
Woolstone, All Saints' Church (S)
Woolstone, All Saints' Church
Berinsfield, 150 Fane Drive
Wallingford, St George's House
Wallingford, Station Road
Wallingford, St Mary's Hospital
Wallingford, Croft Road
Wallingford, 91 High Street
Wallingford, Greenfield Crescent
Wallingford, Fir Tree Avenue
Ewelme, High Street
Ewelme, St Mary's Church
Ewelme, Down Farm
Ewelme, Warren Bottom
Milton, Church of St Blaise
Milton Park, 63 Jubilee Avenue
February 2015
28 - Abingdon, Burford Bridge
Edinburgh, Scott Monument
Edinburgh, 168 Mayfield Road
Edinburgh, 173 Causewayside
Edinburgh, 1 Minto Street
Edinburgh, 45/46 Minto Street
Edinburgh, 1 Middleby Street
Edinburgh, Minto Street
Edinburgh, Old College
Edinburgh, North Bridge
Edinburgh, Tron Church
Edinburgh, 166 High Street
Edinburgh, St Giles' Cathedral
January 2015
Newbury, Canalside Wall
December 2014
Abingdon, Bath Street Boundary Stone
Reading, Abbey Gateway
Reading, Forbury Gardens
November 2014
Southampton, Pirelli Cable Works (N)
Southampton, Pirelli Cable Works (S)
Southampton, 16 Portland Terrace
Southampton, St Michael's Church
Southampton, 48 Bugle Street
Southampton, St John's School
Southampton, 15 Bugle Street
Southampton, West Gate
Southampton, Cement Terrace
Southampton, Town Wall
Southampton, Forty Steps
Southampton, 104A East Street
Southampton, Electricity Board Depot
Southampton, Back of the Walls
Southampton, South Western House
2941 - Southampton, Board of Trade
Southampton, South Gate
2970 - Southampton, Castle
Southampton, Tower House
2971 - Southampton, Town Quay
Southampton, The Sun Hotel
Southampton, 66 High Street
Southampton, Merchant Navy Memorial
Southampton, 19-21 High Street
Southampton, Alfred Marks Bureau
Southampton, Norwich Union House
Southampton, 127 Above Bar Street
Southampton, 8 Carlton Crescent
Southampton, 5 Rockstone Place
Southampton, 15 Rockstone Place
Southampton FBM
Southampton, 2 Brunswick Place
Southampton, 16 Brunswick Place
Southampton, East Park
2942 - Southampton, Empress Dock, Engine House
Southampton, Orchard Place
Westminster, Lower Grosvenor Place
Westminster, Lower Grosvenor Place (W)
Westminster, 19-21 Grosvenor Gardens
Westminster, Grosvenor Gardens
Faversham, Railway Station
Faversham, Methodist Church
Faversham, 66 Preston Street
Faversham, Borough Council Offices
Faversham, The Swan Inn
Faversham, 1 Abbey Street
S0707 - Faversham, St Mary of Charity Church
Faversham, St Mary Court
Faversham, Police Station
Faversham, Baptist Church
Faversham, 50 St Mary's Road
Faversham, 124 St Mary's Road
Faversham, The Water Tower
Faversham, Station Road
S0541 - St Paul's Cathedral
London, 73 Pancras Road
October 2014
Cardiff, Pierhead Building
Cardiff, National Assembly Quay
St Fagans Museum, Melin Wlân Esgair-moel
St Fagans Museum, Melin Bompren
Barry, Harbour Road Bridge
Barry, Rear Access Lane
Barry, 12 Friar's Road
Barry, Friar's Point House
Barry, Friar's Point Café
Barry, Paget Road
Barry, Ambulance Room
Barry, Promenade Sea Wall
Barry, Plymouth Road Railway Bridge
S9111 - Penarth, Schooner Inn
Penarth, Cliff Hill
Penarth, Ashdene Manor
Pentwyn, Coed-y-Gores
Cardiff, Adam Street Railway Bridge
Cardiff, Duke of Wellington
Cardiff, The Potted Pig
Cardiff, Castle Clock Tower
S9109 - Cardiff, Duke Stret
Holt, Hall's Farm
G3657 - Lechlade-on-Thames, Downington
G3656 - Lechlade-on-Thames, Market Place
September 2014
Woolstone, Woolstone Farm
Moira, Ashby Road Railway Bridge
Rockingham, Sondes Arms
10167 - Twyford, Village Hall
Moira, Bath Lane Railway Bridge
Warwick, Tollgate Cottage
Warwick, Bridge End Wall
Warwick, 107 Bridge End
Warwick, 52 Bridge End
Warwick, 32 Bridge End
526 - Warwick, Castle Bridge
Warwick, Banbury Road
Warwick, 1 St Nicholas Park
Warwick, St Nicholas Park
Warwick, 24 Mill Street
Warwick, 18 St Nicholas Church Street
Warwick, Tink-a-Tank
608 - Warwick, Police Station
Warwick, Castle Archway
Warwick, 15 Old Square
Warwick, 6 New Street
Warwick, 72 Market Place
Warwick, 37 High Street
Warwick, 21 High Street
Warwick, St. Mary's Church
Warwick, St Mary's Church Wall
Warwick, Lord Leycester Hotel
Warwick, 7 Smith Street
Warwick, 27 Smith Street
Warwick, Castle Limes Hotel
Warwick, 39 Coten End
Warwick, 40 Coten End
Warwick, 1 Emscote Road
Warwick, Knowle Villa, Broad Street
Warwick, Wharf Street Railway Bridge
Warwick, Wharf Street
August 2014
Culham, 12 Tollgate Road
Rhôs Lligwy, Gatepost
S7305 - Parys Mountain
S7324 - Mynydd Bodafon
Mynydd Bodafon, Wall Junction
S7548 - Llanallgo, School
S1633 - Holyhead
South Stack, Upper Steps
South Stack, Middle Steps
South Stack, Lower Steps
Llanbadrig, St Patrick's Cottage
Cemaes, Castellor Hotel
Cemaes, St Patrick's Church
Cemaes, 1 Bridge Street
Cemaes, Village Hall
S7552 - Cemaes Bay, Harbour View
Caernarfon, 26 Cei Banc
Caernarfon, Doc Fictoria, Pier Entrance
Caernarfon, Caernarfon Marina
Caernarfon, Victoria Dock
Caernarfon, St Mary's Church
Caernarfon, Y Promenad, Tower
Caernarfon, Y Promenad, Arch
Caernarfon, 4 Stryd Pedwar a Chwech
Caernarfon, 20 Stryd Fawr
Caernarfon, Pendist
Caernarfon, Porth Mawr
Caernarfon, Pool Lane
G2754 - Caernarfon, Post Office
Caernarfon, Castell Caernarfon, Twr Du
Dulas, Ty'n-y-pwll
Dulas, Tan Y Banc
Dulas, Penrhyn Farm
Conwy, Sychnant Pass Road
Penrhos, Railway Bridge
G4951 - Penrhos, Bridge Lodge
S7547 - Benllech, Congregational Chapel
Beaumaris, 51 Castle Street
S7545 - Beaumaris, Grammar School
Beaumaris, Park Wall Post
Maenaddwyn, Gatepost
Llandyfrydog, St Tyfrydog's Church
Llandyfrydog, Gatepost
Llandyfrydog, Pont Felin-esgob
Llandyfrydog, Melin Esgob
Mynydd Bodafon, Capel Caersalem
G4967 - Brynrefail
Rhôs Lligwy, Pont-y-felin
Traeth Lligwy, Gatepost
July 2014
Crewe, Station Building
Crewe, Nantwich Road Railway Bridge
Crewe, 4 Gresty Road
Crewe, South Street News
Crewe, 38 Bedford Street
Crewe, 41 Laura Street
Crewe, Unipart Rail
Crewe, Yew Tree Farm
Crewe, Gresty Road Motors
Crewe, YMCA Foyer
Eastleigh, Comrade's Institute and Club
Eastleigh, Leigh Road PC
Eastleigh, The Home Tavern
Vernham Street, Fowlers Farm
Streatley, Wantage Road
North Stoke, Cook Lane
North Stoke, St Mary's Church
North Stoke, The Street Bridge
Carmel College, Water's Edge
G1791 - Carmel College Lodge
Crowmarsh Gifford, Carmel College Entrance
June 2014
S6431 - Filkins, The Lamb Inn
Burford, 124 High Street
Hampton Hill, Hampton Hill New Gate
Stoke Row, Busgrove Lane
Stoke Row, St John's Church
Checkendon, Black Horse PH
Ipsden, Scot's Common
Ipsden, Three Corner Common
Ipsden, Garsons Farm
Ipsden, Garsons Hill
Ipsden, Garsons Lane
Checkendon, Wheeler's Farm
G3009 - Llangollen, Smithfield Hotel
Woodside, The Crispin PH
Kingston upon Thames, 43 High Street
S0960 - Kingston upon Thames, All Saints' Church
S0959 - Kingston upon Thames, Town Hall
Hampton, Lower Sunbury Road
Knowl Hill, Seven Stars PH
May 2014
Leicester, Royal Infirmary
Leicester, Holy Trinity Church
Leicester, County Gaol
Swindon, Rodbourne Road Railway Bridge
Swindon, St Mark's Churchyard
Swindon, St Mark's Church
Swindon, Church Place Wall
Swindon, Rodbourne Road
G2525 - Parkway Water Tower
G4044 - Cholsey Hill, Pumping Station
Buckland FBM
Cholsey, The Old School
Cholsey, Church Road Wall
Broad Hinton, Primary School
Wootton Rivers, Railway Bridge
G3642 - Long Wittenham, The Vine
Milton Park Trading Estate
G4693 - Whitefield Farm
G2904 - Brockenhurst, St. Saviour's Church
Frogham, Crossroads Cottage
Oxford, Balliol College (E)
Oxford, Bear Lane
Oxford, County Hall
East Hagbourne, St Andrew's Church
East Hagbourne, 24A Main Road
Blewbury, Wantage 9 Milestone
West Hagbourne, Foxglove Lane
Burcot, Abingdon Road
Berinsfield, Abingdon Road
April 2014
Blewbury, Blewburton Barns
Aston Upthorpe, Blewburton Hall
Aston Upthorpe, All Saints' Church
Aston Tirrold, The Chequers
Aston Tirrold, Chalk Hill Wall
Aston Tirrold, St Michael's Church
Lullington, Lullington Court
Herstmonceux, All Saints' Church
S3986 - Wilmington Hill
11492 - Transit Meridian
Hastings, Bexhill Road Railway Bridge
Winchelsea, Rectory Lane/High Street
S6244 - Hill Farm Winchelsea
Eastbourne, Holy Trinity Church
Eastbourne, 4 Devonshire Place
March 2014
Oxford, Merton Grove
February 2014
Oxford, Christ Church College SW Buttress
January 2014
Portsmouth, Historic Dockyard, Victory Gate
December 2013
Heart of the Shires Shopping Village
November 2013
S6434 - Witney, 1 High Street
Hithercroft, Bradford's Brook Bridge
Didcot, Fulscot Bridge
October 2013
Didcot, Foxhall Bridge
Didcot, West Curve Bridge
September 2013
Royal Leamington Spa, 168 Parade
Royal Leamington Spa, The Warwick Arms
Royal Leamington Spa, Town Hall
Royal Leamington Spa, Victoria Bridge
Royal Leamington Spa, All Saints' Church
Royal Leamington Spa, Bath Street railway bridge
Royal Leamington Spa, High Street Railway Bridge
529 - Royal Leamington Spa, Clemens Street
Royal Leamington Spa, Gas Bridge
Warwick, Avon Aqueduct
Warwick, Jephson's Farm Bridge
Warwick, Railway Aqueduct
Warwick, Leam Bridge
Berinsfield, Culvert NE Side A4074
North Moreton, All Saints' Church
Wantage, 12 Newbury Street
Maidensgrove, Pages Bottom
Maidensgrove, Pages Farm
Nuffield, Huntercombe End Farm
August 2013
Oxford, 13 Iffley Turn
G2377 - Shepshed, Baptist Church
Pilton, Summers Hill Lane
Wallingford, 30 St Mary's Street
Culham, Thame Lane
Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, St James' Church
Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, Church House
Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, Bell Cottage
Clifton Hampden, Furze Brake (East)
Clifton Hampden, Furze Brake (West)
Berinsfield, A4074
Warborough, Court Farm
Warborough, Thame Road
Warborough, Upper Farm
Shillingford, 2a Warborough Road
Benson, Hale Farm
Warborough, St Laurence's Church
Dorchester-on-Thames, Wittenham Lane
Burcot, 1 School Cottages
Dorchester-on-Thames, 67 High Street
Shillingford Bridge, North End
Shillingford Bridge, East Parapet
Wallingford, Rush Court
Wallingford, Shillingford Road
Wallingford, Castle Street Pump House
11327 - Wantage, Council Offices
Long Wittenham, Little Wittenham Road
Wallingford, St Peter's Church
S7157 - Broom Farm
S8393 - Dimmock's Cote Bridge
Wicken FBM
Bushmead, Home Farm
St Neots, 39 King's Road
St Neots, 55 Avenue Road
St Neots, 32 Huntington Street
Everton, Everton Crossing
S5952 - Sutton
Hinxworth, 8 Bean Cottages
Edworth, Topler's Hill Water Tower
Biggleswade, Furzenhall Road
Everton, St Mary's Church
Everton, Methodist Church
Ely, 17 Silver Street
Ely, King's School
Ely, The Gallery
Ely, Courthouse
Ely, The Lamb Inn
Ely, 39 Market Street
Ely, 15 Market Place
Ely, High Street
Ely, The Old Sacristy
Ely, Wall Northeast of Cathedral
Ely, Wall South of Cathedral
Ely, Holy Trinity Cathedral
Ely, 4 Church Lane
Ely, 54 Silver Street
Galley Hill
Sandy, The Lodge
Honeydon, Lower Honeydon Farm
Little Staughton, All Saints' Church
Kimbolton, Kimbolton Castle
Kimbolton, St Andrew's Church
Stonely, Main Road
Dillington, Corner Farm
Grafham, All Saints' Church
Hail Weston, St Nicholas's Church
July 2013
St Neots, Eaton Socon Pumping Station
Eaton Socon, St Mary's Church
St Neots, Rivermill Tavern
St Neots, Eaton Socon Lock
St Neots, Eynesbury Pumping Station
St Neots, 27 New Street
St Neots, 17 Berkley Street
Eynesbury, St Mary's Church
St Neots, Howitt's Lane
St Neots, 6 Eynesbury Green
St Neots, St Mary's Church
Denchworth, South Denchworth Farm
Tubney, Fox Cottage
Kennington, Sandford Lane
Checkendon, Lovegrove's Farm
Oxford, Military Barracks, New Road
Lyford, Flapp's Barn
Abingdon, St Helen's Church
May 2013
Great Campstone, Campstone Cottages
G3924 - Chepstow Racecourse, Lions Lodge
Weston, Cubbage Cottage
Lower Harpton, Lower Harpton Farm
Great Wollaston, St John the Baptist Church
Ponthen, Bontain Farm
April 2013
Brecon Cathedral
915 - Brecon, St. Mary's Church
February 2013
S9950 - Sinah Farm
2461 - Southbourne, St John the Evangelist Church
January 2013
S1693 - Fullerton
September 2012
London, 190 Earls Court Road
Bourton-on-the-Water, St Lawrence's church
August 2012
Bideford, Station Hill Bridge
Mortehoe, Hillcrest
Mortehoe, St Mary's Church
Mortehoe, Water Trough
Mortehoe, North Morte
Ilfracombe, The Pier Tavern
S2823 - Ilfracombe, Springfield Road
Ilfracombe, 63 Fore Street
Mortehoe, Damage Barton
Mortehoe, Yarde Farm
Kingston upon Thames, Kingston Bridge
June 2012
Abingdon, County Hall (19th Century)
Abingdon, County Hall (1970)
February 2012
G3690 - Cirencester, Dyer House
Cirencester, The Old School
January 2012
Didcot, Purchas Road
Culham, Culham House
Netherton, Stone's Farm
Abingdon, Cemetery Lodge
August 2011
Cuddesdon, Ripon College
Nottingham, St. Peter's Church
Nottingham, Shire Hall
Nottingham, St. Mary's Church
July 2011
Cholsey, Branch Line Railway Bridge
June 2011
Radley, Old Forge
Radley, Thrupp Lane LC
Lower Radley, Thames Path
Lower Radley
Toot Baldon, The Mole Inn
Garsington, Stone House Cottage
Sandford-on-Thames, Basimore Cottage
Abingdon, Abingdon Bridge
Oxford, Warneford Hospital
Llanasa, Wall
S7544 - Beaumaris, Post Office
Beaumaris, Town Hall
Pentraeth, Old Railway Bridge
Llanfachraeth, Pont Dronwy
Holyhead FBM
Holyhead, New Park Road
G4916 - Bryn Hyfryd
S7307 - Pendefig
S7328 - Aberffraw
Hermon, Opp Front Lodge
S7294 - Hermon
May 2011
Caernarfon, Pen Deitsh Arch
Llanfaglan, Pont Faen
Trefor, Nr Cappas Iwyd
Trefor, 50 Croes-Higol Road
11983 - Pistyll, Capel Bethania
Nefyn, Bodeilias
Tudweiliog, Towyn Farm
Rhiw, Pen Y Groes
Rhiw Hill
Sarn Bach, Bodlondeb
Criccieth, Railway Bridge
Aberdovey, A493 Wall
S0349 - Machynlleth
Didcot, 100 Abingdon Road
Abingdon, Our Lady's School
Abingdon, Oxford Road
Abingdon, Our Lady and St. Edmund Church
Abingdon, 34 St Johns Road
Abingdon, Radley Road BS
Abingdon, 87 Radley Road
Swyncombe, St. Botolph's Church
Great Shefford, Manor Farm
S2526 - East Garston
Great Shefford, St Mary's Church
Berinsfield, Fane Drive
Ewelme, Watercress Beds
Brightwell Baldwin, St Bartholomew's Church
Chalgrove, Hampden's Monument
Drayton St Leonard, St Leonard's Church
2015 - Brightwell Baldwin, Lord Nelson PH
Oxford, Randolph Hotel
South Stoke, St Andrew's Church
S5731 - White Hill
Wallingford, Bradford's Bridge
Wallingford, Milestone, Oxford 13
Reading, St Bartholomew's Church
Reading, London Road, Cemetery Wall
Abingdon Lock, Boundary Stone
Abingdon Lock
April 2011
North Cerney, Nordown Farm
S2532 - Matcham Park
G2909 - Bisterne Close
G2888 - Burley Street
S2590 - Pentridge Hill
Cranborne, Stone Hill Wood, Milestone
S0931 - Kensington Gore, Royal Geographical Society
Westminster, Bayswater Road, Victoria Gate
Westminster, Victoria and Albert Museum
Westminster, Exhibition Road
Westminster, Bayswater Road, Marlborough Gate
Paddington St James, Sussex Gardens
March 2011
S5726 - Lough Down
December 2010
Wantage, 6B Grove Street
Wantage, St Peter and Paul Church
October 2010
26 - Appleford Railway Bridge
August 2010
Compton Beauchamp, Knighton Farm
Steventon, St Michael's and All Angels
S4511 - Waddesdon Hill
1992 - Waddesdon, Station Bridge
Herstmonceux, Observatory
G1806 - Herstmonceux, Solar Building
11666 - Solar
S7288 - Herstmonceux
Eastbourne Pier
Bodiam Bridge
Norman's Bay
Norman's Bay, Old Footbridge
July 2010
S4472 - Hertford Heath
Bayford Station
Brickendon, The Farmers Boy
S5727 - Compton
Clifton Hampden, B4015
June 2010
Llanybydder, Teifi Bridge
S5796 - Penrallt-Y-Gardde
Llanybydder, St Peter's Church
Llanybydder, Highmead Terrace
Pembroke, Bush Hill (West)
Tenby, St Florence Parade
May 2010
Llanddowror, Maes-Oland Farm
Kidwelly, Commissioner's Bridge
S3545 - Black Pill
Redwick, St Thomas' Church
G1692 - Greenwich, Royal Observatory
Greenwich, St. Alfege's Church
Greenwich, Romney Road
Greenwich, ORNC - King William's Quarter
Greenwich, ORNC - Queen Mary's Quarter
Greenwich, ORNC - North Lodge
Greenwich, ORNC - King Charles' Quarter
April 2010
Hampton Court Pier
Croft, Reservoir
Shobdon, St John the Evangelist Church
Westminster, 25 Hyde Park Garden Mews
S5529 - The Begwns
Moreton, Frampton Arms
Weymouth, Nothe Fort
Weymouth, Nothe Gardens
Weymouth, Lifeboat Station
Weymouth, 14 Custom House Quay
Weymouth, St Mary Street
Weymouth, 1 Custom House Quay
Wyemouth, Custom House Quay
March 2010
Great Barrington, Barrington Park
Berinsfield, Village Inn
Weymouth, Town Bridge
January 2010
Loughborough, Town Hall
October 2009
Reading, London/Redlands Road
Reading, Royal Berkshire Hospital
Reading, 20-35 London Road
Winderton, Church Path
Rollright Stones
S6778 - Great Tew
Ardington, Milestone, Wantage 2
September 2009
West Hendred, Milestone, Wantage 3
Milton Bridge
Steventon Bridge
East Hendred, Lud Bridge
S6168 - Greenmoor Hill
Empingham, St Peter's Church
Great Easton, The Old Chapel
North Moreton, The Corner House
Wolvercote, Godstow Bridge
Longcot, Cleveland Farm
Longcot, Longcot House
Longcot, City Bridge
Shrivenham, Bowles's Bridge
Uffington, St Mary's Church
Compton Beauchamp, St Swithin's Church
Compton Beauchamp, MS Wantage 8
Shrivenham, Compton Bridge
Longcot, St Mary's Church
Fernham, Railway Bridge
Dry Sandford, St Helen's Church
Dry Sandford, 98 Church Lane
Cothill, 195 Cothill Road
Cothill, 227 Cothill Road
Gozzard's Ford Milestone
S6764 - West Farm
L14 - Wimbledon, Somerset Road
August 2009
Cromer, Holt Road
Cromer, West Parade
Cromer, Pier, Lifeboat Station, Tide Gauge Aux 1
G1241 - Beeston Regis, Abbey Farm
S5279 - Beeston Hill
Cromer, St Peter & St Paul's Church (cut)
Cromer, St Peter & St Paul's Church (bolt)
Cromer, Runton Road PC
Cromer, Esplanade
Cromer, Tide Gauge BM
Cromer, Tide Gauge Aux 2
West Runton, Holy Trinity Church
S0103 - West Runton
Happisburgh, St Mary's Church
July 2009
Buckland, St George's Road
Hatford, St George's Church
June 2009
Nuffield, Holy Trinity Church
G1934 - Wick, Market Place
Keiss, Sinclair's Bay Hotel
May 2009
Tobar nan Ceann
11070 - River Aray Bridge
Kendoon Loch
Carlisle, Castle Street
11748 - Millrigg Farm
Kirkby Thore, Meadow Bank
Kirkby Thore, Somerset House
Grayrigg Common MS
Cross of Greet
Edisford Bridge Inn
Edisford Bridge
Ludlow, Butter Cross
Ludlow, The Gate House
Kerne Bridge
S8142 - Lands End
St Ives, St Ia's Church
April 2009
Taynton, St Lawrence's Church
Chinnor, Chinnor Hill
Salisbury, Old Sarum
Salisbury, Parliament Stone
Salisbury, Bishop's Walk, Cathedral School
Salisbury, St Mary's Cathedral Wall
60 - Salisbury, St Mary's Cathedral
Salisbury, St Mary's Cathedral
Charney Bassett, St Peter's Church
March 2009
11798 - Inkpen
Asthall, The Windmill Carvery
January 2009
London, 194 Euston Road
Upton, Down Lane
North Leigh, Ashford Bridge
S1892 - Britwell Hill
December 2008
Bradenham, St. Botolph's Church
S1522 - Cutsdean Hill
112 - Tadpole Bridge
October 2008
Abingdon, Wilts and Berks
Bessels Leigh, The Greyhound
September 2008
Didcot, Milton Road
August 2008
Ullesthorpe, The Swan Inn
Ullesthorpe, Hill Brow
S9664 - Ullesthorpe, Railway Bridge
July 2008
S6936 - Greenham
June 2008
Middle Barton, The Thatched House
Westcott Barton, St Edward's Church
Middle Barton, 4 North Street
North Moreton, White Lees
Appleford Road
May 2008
Swanage, Jetty
Swanage, Station Road
10422 - Corfe Castle, Pumping Station
Edinburgh, 20/21 West Mayfield
Edinburgh, Mayfield North Church
Edinburgh, 10/11 Bright's Crescent
Edinburgh, 8 Mayfield Gardens
Edinburgh, 7 Craigmillar Park
Edinburgh, 36/38 Craigmillar Park
Edinburgh, Newington Station
April 2008
Earley, St Peter's Church (W)
Earley, St Peter's Church
Builth Wells, Groe Street
S0741 - Builth Wells, St Mary's Church
S0740 - Builth Wells, Wyeside Arts Centre
Builth Wells, The Strand
Builth Wells, Wye Bridge
Builth Wells, Strand Street
Builth Wells, 16 Market Street
Hay-on-Wye, Heol Y Dwr
Hay-on-Wye, St Mary's Road
Hay-on-Wye, St Mary's Church
Hay-on-Wye, George House
2698 - Hay, Crown Hotel
Hay-on-Wye, Old Police Station
Hay-on-Wye, St John's Chapel
Hay-on-Wye, NatWest Bank
March 2008
Great Missenden, St Peter & St Paul's Church
Great Missenden, Whitefield Lane
Great Missenden, High Street
February 2008
South Moreton, Railway Bridge
Lockinge, Drain Surround
Ardington, Orpwood's Barn
Ardington, Old School
Lockinge, School Road
Edinburgh, University Engineering Building
Edinburgh, University Zoology Building
Westminster, Elizabeth Tower
Westminster, Charing Cross Pier
Westminster, Hungerford Bridge
Westminster, Bazalgette Memorial
Westminster, Whitehall Stairs
Lambeth, County Hall Steps
January 2008
2763 - Knockin, Bridge
2764 - Pentre-clem
G3295 - Knockin Heath
Knockin, B4398
Knockin, St Mary's Church
Knockin, Ivy House Farm
Oswestry, Beatrice Street
Oswestry, 25 Beatrice Street
Oswestry, Christ Church
Oswestry, Horse Market
S3121 - Oswestry Station
Oswestry, Ardmillan Lane
2646 - Oswestry, St Oswald's Church
Oswestry, St Oswald's Church
Oswestry, 8-10 Cross Street
Oswestry, 23 Bailey Street
Oswestry, 15 Albion Hill
G3033 - Oswestry, Railway Inn
Oswestry Station
Oswestry Golf Club
Queen's Head, Milestone
December 2007
23 - Little Wittenham
Little Wittenham, Christmas Cottage
Little Wittenham, Lock Keeper's House
Little Wittenham, 1 Hillside
Day's Lock
Little Wittenham, St Peter's Church
S5724 - Lowbury Hill
Hailey, Hill Farm
Hailey, Letterbox
Ipsden, Hailey House
Ipsden Farm
Ipsden House
Hailey, Stone Farm
Ipsden, St Mary's Church
2009 - Cop Court
Newnham Murren, St Mary's Church
Nettlebed, Windmill
Newnham Manor Farm
Newnham Murren, The Pheasantry
Oxford, Balliol College (W)
Oxford, St. Mary Magdalen's Church
Marston, St Nicholas Church
October 2007
Knighton Barn
Uffington Down
Whitehorse Hill
2987 - White Horse Hill
Oxford, Osney Bridge
Oxford, Railway Hotel
September 2007
Sutton Courtenay, Lady Place
Oxford, St Peter-le-Bailey Church
Oxford, Carfax Tower
Oxford, Carfax Tower (Cancelled)
Oxford, St. Michael's Church
East Molesey, 92 Walton Road
Clifton Hampden Bridge
G1115 - Pitlochry, Atholl Road
G1114 - Pitlochry, West Moulin Road
G2076 - John o' Groats
John o' Groats (Transfer Bolt)
S6678 - Duncansby Head
G1300 - Thurso, Tide Gauge Aux 3
Dunnet Head, Lighthouse 2 Milestone
Dunnet Head, Lighthouse 1 Milestone
S4781 - Dunnet Head
August 2007
10640 - Mull Head
Papa Westray, Whitelooms
Papa Westray, Papay Parish Kirk
Papa Westray, Holland
Papa Westray, Gayfield
10814 - Gayfield
Westray, Noltland Castle
Westray, Vell
Westray, West Kirbest
S4734 - Fitty Hill
Westray, Gallo Hill
Westray, Knucker Hill
Westray, B9067
Westray, Skaill
10639 - Noup Head
10646 - Langskaill
10644 - Whitelet
S9325 - Breck
Westray, United Free Church
Westray, Lengemire
Westray, Cedarleigh
Westray, Pierowall Church
10850 - Glimps Holm
Weddell Sound (Orkney)
by Graemeshall (Orkney)
12151 - Hobbister (Orkney)
Stenness, Burn of Villas
10677 - Wideford Hill
Kirkwall, 1 Albert Street
Kirkwall, 6 Broad Street
Kirkwall, Town Hall
Sandwick, Voydale
Stenness, Housequoy
Stenness, B9055
Stenness, Stones of Stenness
Stenness, Watch Stone
Stenness, Ring of Brodgar
11994 - Sandwick (Orkney)
Sandwick, Sea View
Sandwick, Skaill
Sandwick, B9056
12112 - Kirkwall (Orkney)
Dingwall, Ross Memorial Hospital
Dingwall, Tulloch Lodge
Dingwall, 10 Fraser Road
Dingwall, Back Road
G4466 - Dingwall, Holborn
Dingwall, 15 Mill Street
Dingwall, 29 Burn Place
G1977 - Dingwall
Dingwall, Highland Theological College
Dingwall, St James's Church
Dingwall, Council Offices
G475 - Moffat, New Bridge
G476 - Moffat, Academy
G477 - Moffat, Post Office
Moffat, St Andrew's Church
G381 - Moffat, Home End
Newbury, Head Post Office
Cholsey, 26 Wallingford Road
Ewelme, Huntingland
S3763 - Huntingland
Swyncombe, Icknield Field
Oxford, Headington Post Office
Oxford, 24 Bowness Avenue
July 2007
Cokethorpe, St Mary's Church
Hardwick, Standlake Road
Hardwick Farm
Hardwick, Old Bus Shelter
G3647 - Marcham
30 - Marcham Village
S0949 - Mountnessing
S0951 - Brentwood, Ongar Road
S8627 - Brook Street, Mascalls Lane
Bentley, St Paul's Primary School
Navestock Side, 1 Snakes Hill
Bentley, 28 Mores Lane
Bentley, St Paul's Church
Brook Street, Mascalls Lane
Mountnessing, 1 Church Road
S8628 - Ingrave
S0952 - Brentwood, High Street
S0950 - Mountnessing School
Kelvedon Hatch, The Eagle
Kelvedon Hatch, The Shepherd
Kelvedon Hatch, St Nicholas Church
S3874 - Fox Hatch
Wallingford, 5 Thames Street
Newbury, 78 Northbrook Street
Newbury, Bartholomew Street
Newbury, 55 Cheap Street
Newbury, St Nicolas Church (S)
Newbury, St Nicolas Church (W)
Newbury, 18 Northcroft Lane (SW)
Newbury, 18 Northcroft Lane (SE)
Newbury, Bridge Street
Newbury, 91-92 Northbrook Street
Sutton Courtenay, Peep-O-Day Lane (S)
Sutton Courtenay, Peep-O-Day Lane
Sutton Courtenay, Peep-O-Day Lane (N)
Dorchester, Abingdon Road
Culham Station
G3643 - Culham, Railway Hotel
Sutton Courtenay, Old School House
Sutton Courtenay, Brook Street
Sutton Courtenay, All Saints Church
Sutton Courtenay, 87 High Street
Didcot, Milestone, Wantage 7
Preston Crowmarsh, A4074
Harwell, St Matthew's Church (E)
Harwell, St Matthew's Church (W)
Harwell, High Street
Harwell, The White Hart
Harwell, Townsend Cottage
G3636 - Crowmarsh Battle Farm
Preston Crowmarsh, Monks Close
Appleford, Birch Cottage
Appleford, Old Post Office
Oxford Stadium, Sandy Lane
Long Wittenham, Bow Bridge
Sutton Courtenay, B4016
Oxford, 45 Sandy Lane
Sutton Courtenay, The Fish
Sutton Courtenay, Appleford Sidings
Appleford Station
Appleford, St Peter and St Paul's Church
Appleford, Hartwright House
Appleford, Hill Farm
Crowmarsh Gifford, The Street
Ewelme, Icknield Way
Wallingford, 60 High Street
Didcot, A4130
Loughborough, 262 Forest Road
Loughborough, 290 Forest Road
Loughborough, 1 Holywell Drive
Loughborough, Outwoods Drive
Loughborough, 30 Outwoods Drive
Loughborough, 189 Forest Road
June 2007
Wallingford, Mortuary Chapel
Wallingford, Lamb Garage
Wallingford, Lamb Arcade
Wallingford School
Wallingford, Ptolomy House
Wallingford, St Leonard's Church
Wallingford, Thames Path
Clifton Hampden, St Michael and All Angels Church
Wallingford, Castle Lane
Wallingford, 1-2 High Street
Wallingford Bridge, South Parapet
Wallingford Bridge, North Parapet
Crowmarsh Gifford, St Mary Magdalene's Church
Crowmarsh Gifford, Benson Lane
Crowmarsh Gifford, Marsh Lane
Wallingford, Thames Path
Benson Primary School
Benson, Elm Bridge
Benson Waterfront
Benson Lock
Foxton, Foxton Road
Foxton, Gallow Field Road
Gumley, Foxton Road
Loughborough, Jack O' Lantern
Loughborough, Clarence Street
Loughborough, 99 Burder Street
Loughborough, 41 Burder Street
Foxton, St Andrew's Church
Culham, Sutton Bridge
Culham, Sutton Bridge
Britwell Salome, St Nicholas Church
Britwell Salome, Plough Cottage
G3633 - Coopers Farm
Sutton Courtenay, Gatehouse
Sutton Courtenay, Burgrey Stores
Frog Hole
Crowmarsh Gifford, Howbery Park
6 - Gatehampton Bridge
May 2007
Cwmbelan, Jubilee Terrace
11675 - Cwmbelan
11674 - Upper Penrhuddlan
11649 - Gaufron
S0682 - Dolhelfa-uchaf
Claerwen Bridge
Craig Goch Dam
Caban Coch Dam
Reading, 127 Amity Road
Reading, 2 Woodstock Street
Reading, 31 Cumberland Road
Reading, Liverpool Road
Reading, Orts Road
Reading, Cholmeley Road #2
Reading, Horseshoe Bridge
Reading, Cholmeley Road #1
Reading, New Town Infants School
Bath, 23 Charles Street
April 2007
Walton-on-Thames, Camping and Caravanning Club
Kew, Ferry Lane
Kew Gardens, Nash Conservatory
Kew Gardens, King William's Temple
Kew Gardens, Pagoda
March 2007
S4667 - Down Hill
S0807 - Faringdon, Coxwell Road
G4440 - Lymington, Passford Bridge
January 2007
Oswestry, The Smithfield Hotel
76 - Caversham Hotel
November 2006
S0778 - Newbury, Methodist Church
October 2006
G3691 - Cirencester, Museum
August 2006
10738 - Dunwich Common
G1511 - Wrentham
2680 - Aldeburgh, Moot Hall
Covehithe, St Andrew's Church
July 2006
Reading, Oxford Road
G3638 - Wallingford Water Works
G3637 - Crowmarsh Gifford, 7 Benson Lane
June 2006
Didcot, 82 Broadway
Didcot, 63 Station Road
May 2006
G2312 - Bakewell, Council Offices
2531 - Bakewell, Victoria Mill
Over Haddon, Lathkill Lodge
April 2006
S3147 - Lickey Hill
January 2006
S2028 - Aston Rowant, Lambert Arms
October 2005
Berinsfield, Pumping Station
S0167 - Little Rollright, The Toll House
September 2005
G3646 - Abingdon, The Grapes
August 2005
Reading, Caversham Road
Deerhurst, St Mary's Church
S6106 - Tewkesbury
July 2005
836 - Berkhamsted
834 - Berkhamsted
829 - Tring Cutting - Bridge 134
828 - Marsworth Top - Bridge 1
June 2005
Begbroke, Royal Sun
Wheatley, St Mary's Church
Wheatley, Old Lock-Up
S6432 - Witney, Council Offices
S6433 - Witney, Holy Trinity Church
Pevensey, St Nicolas's Church
G1799 - Pevensey Bridge
May 2005
Long Wittenham, Pumping Station
Long Wittenham, Village Cross
Long Wittenham, St Mary's Church
Sutton Courtenay, High Street
S5553 - Sutton Wick
S6076 - Woolsbarrow Camp
Tyneham, St Mary's Church
April 2005
S2716 - Lyndhurst
March 2005
G4040 - Blewbury
G3654 - Buscot
G3653 - Buscot Park, West Lodge
11328 - Challow Station
Winchester Cathedral
S1627 - Great Ormes Head
S0356 - Conway, Guildhall
Conwy FBM
February 2005
S5826 - Fore Down
Dorchester, Abbey Church
Dorchester Bridge
January 2005
G3632 - Watlington
G3635 - Benson
Benson, St Helen's Church
December 2004
G3645 - Culham Bridge
Wallingford, St Mary's Church
September 2004
Thame, Baptist Church
Thame, St. Mary's Church
2008 - Thame Park
2006 - Thame Railway Station
2001 - Thame, St. Mary's Church
1986 - Thame, Upper High Street
1999 - Long Crendon
1998 - Long Crendon, Church End
2012 - Stoke Talmage
Reading, St Mary's Church
Reading, 33 London Street
Reading, High Bridge
Reading Town Hall
Reading, Greyfriars Church
1030 - Bix
1026 - Henley Bridge
1025 - Henley-on-Thames
1023 - Remenham Hill, Five Horse Shoes PH
1031 - Nuffield
22 - Shillingford Bridge
2033 - Allnutt's Barn
2032 - Ewelme
August 2004
25 - Clifton Hampden, Clifton Lock
24 - Clifton Hampden Bridge
S2521 - St Catherines Hill
S2479 - Mount Joy
Chale, St Catherine's Oratory
S2517 - Wroxall Down
4 - Pangbourne, Whitchurch Bridge
3 - Mapledurham Lock
7 - Cleeve Mill
Pangbourne, Sot's Hole
Pangbourne, Whitchurch Bridge
9 - North Stoke, Church
8 - Moulsford, Beetle and Wedge Inn
75 - Appletree Eyot
5 - Sot's Hole
27 - Culham Lock Bridge
Fordham, St Peter's Church
July 2004
Culham Bridge
Moulsford Viaduct
S7542 - Castle Rising
10 - Newnham Murren
S8068 - High Bridge Farm
S5907 - Crafts Hill
S8635 - Oakington
Cambridge, Sidney Street
Cambridge, Round Church
Cambridge, Christ's College
Cambridge, Great Bridge
Woburn, Staunton House
Cambridge, St John's College
11 - Wallingford Bridge
S4909 - Nuffield
1029 - Nettlebed
S9369 - Monk Field
S5882 - Rogues Lane
S5798 - Kings Bush
June 2004
S1984 - Chalk Farm
S4365 - Gog Magog
Cholsey, St Mary's Church
S5729 - Grims Ditch
Wallingford FBM
S5730 - Pit Plantation
S5725 - Farnborough
S5074 - Coton
11155 - Littlebury Hedge
S3700 - Hurst Hill
S5540 - Brightwell Barrow
January 2004
S6207 - Monument Hill
December 2003
S3738 - Blewburton Hill
October 2003
S5828 - Steventon Hill


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